Alexanders chat logs for January 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor in 2038 and 2039


Time Travel Professor
mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for January 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor in 2038 and 2039

mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[09:40] * Now talking in #TimeTravellersInn


[09:40] * Set by H1t|M4n on Mon Jan 26 06:03:13

[09:42] <Phoenix> :)

[09:42] <KPAX> op me please...right click on my name and go to control and op...thanks

[09:43] * Phoenix sets mode: +o KPAX

[09:43] <KPAX> thank you

[09:43] <Phoenix> there you go

[09:43] <Phoenix> wwelcome

[09:43] <Phoenix> :)

[09:43] <KPAX> having problems with the server

[09:43] <Phoenix> who?

[09:43] <KPAX> me

[09:43] <Phoenix> ok

[09:50] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[09:50] <H1t|M4n> Back

[09:50] <H1t|M4n> I was going to go out and help a friend setup up some stuff with his equiptment but i canceled it .

[09:51] <KPAX> welcome back tony

[09:51] <KPAX> dang server won't auto op me

[09:52] <KPAX> an i'm the founder

[09:52] <H1t|M4n> Did you identify to your nic

[09:53] <H1t|M4n> Because services are up NickServ as well as Channelserv

[09:54] <KPAX> yep

[09:54] <KPAX> will re do just in case

[09:54] <KPAX> password acfcepted

[09:58] <H1t|M4n> You should do what i do,go to options then Perform then go to Enable Perform On Connect,then where it says networks,select Dalnet,then put in the box on the right /cs identify #PassWordz PassWord here /ns identify PassWord here that is how i do it everytime .

[09:59] <H1t|M4n> You will have to add dalnet to the networks that you use so you might have to go over to add ok ?

[10:02] <H1t|M4n> I need to ask something also,i think its a little weird that Pamela is all of a sudden popular out of the blue,i have heard of her,but she has not been a member @ the forum untill just recently,i think that there are some of the people who has known her from the other forum where she is from has come over to vote .

[10:02] <H1t|M4n> This is why the voting system is not really so kewl i think

[10:03] <Phoenix> Well there are several flaws in the proposal

[10:03] <Phoenix> We don't even know what we would accept as proof

[10:04] <KPAX> I agree and it woul appear that she has brought some dead wood with her too

[10:04] <Phoenix> That is Opmmurs doing

[10:05] <KPAX> was in earlier

[10:05] <Phoenix> he went arround to all kinds of John Titor sites

[10:05] <KPAX> he had to do something i think

[10:05] <Phoenix> and posted links to Gavin's page

[10:05] <Phoenix> that is why there is such a flood of people to see Alexand on our board

[10:06] <Phoenix> And most of them would know Pamela more than they would know me

[10:06] <Phoenix> because Pamela was mentioned in the original John Titor thread

[10:06] <KPAX> on Paul Wood...he is a fraud

[10:06] <Phoenix> yes

[10:07] <KPAX> knew it from the begining

[10:07] <Phoenix> I see little reason to believe him anyways

[10:07] <Phoenix> It was very direspectful what he did to Alexander

[10:07] <Phoenix> And he showed no signs of remorse

[10:08] <KPAX> it is not the M.O of TT's to do what he has done and he says here is the proof without being asked...Really!

[10:08] <KPAX> yes i saw that and am not impresses

[10:08] <KPAX> d

[10:08] <Phoenix> His big proof were the pictures

[10:08] <Phoenix> and they turnedout to be fakes

[10:08] <Phoenix> Then he gets upset at our insensitivity and ignorance

[10:09] <Phoenix> the ignorance that we found out his pictures were faked

[10:09] <Phoenix> and he should be the one to look at his own sensitivity to alex

[10:10] <KPAX> must be some sort of record to be discoverd so soon

[10:10] <KPAX> haa haa haa

[10:10] <Phoenix> hee hee

[10:10] <Phoenix> want me to put it up

[10:10] <Phoenix> as the quickest found out fraud?

[10:10] <KPAX> yes ...why not

[10:11] <Phoenix> I dont like this jonfr guy

[10:11] <KPAX> i think we need to

[10:11] <KPAX> fake too

[10:11] <Phoenix> he says he is part of a group to keep time from being distrubed

[10:12] <KPAX> ahh let me see...where does that come from....

[10:13] <KPAX> the premiss was visited by Star Trek .... i think they had a special section devoted to it

[10:13] <Phoenix> I asked him what his education and work history is to be part of the task force

[10:13] <KPAX> Alex's traing covered what he could and could not do to affect time lines

[10:13] <Phoenix> this guy has real bad grammar and such

[10:14] <KPAX> true but his story is the thing that sounds off

[10:14] <Phoenix> I am talking about the Jonfr

[10:14] <Phoenix> yeah

[10:14] <KPAX> as am i

[10:14] <Phoenix> all of it sound off

[10:14] <Phoenix> I am going to try and nail him as many different ways as I can

[10:16] <KPAX> they all come unglued at some point...the amount of lies they have to tell mounts up to such an extent they can no longer keep track of them

[10:16] <Phoenix> yeah

[10:16] <Phoenix> Alexander and Titor are not like that though

[10:17] <KPAX> true phoenix they are the real deals

[10:17] <Phoenix> :)

[10:18] <Phoenix> What do you think about peoples complaints that they are altering this time line. We all are altering this time line.

[10:18] <KPAX> maxwell facinates me

[10:18] <KPAX> jury is out on him

[10:19] <Phoenix> yes

[10:20] <KPAX> I have the feeling that he is the leader of Alex's team for some reason

[10:20] <Phoenix> hmm
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Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[10:21] <KPAX> his posts have an air of authority or is it power...hhmm more power i think power in the sense of leadership

[10:21] <KPAX> I am only guessing at this stage

[10:21] <H1t|M4n> i hear ya

[10:24] <KPAX> he also seems to want to know what we think more than Alex and JT

[10:24] <H1t|M4n> I asked you yesterday about i wonder what the future holds for me KPAX and you said that Alexander answered that,I looked hi & lo & i could'nt find a thing pertaining to it except for that one fact that i said that if it came down to voting i would nominate Phoenix,and he answered that in the forum that was all i saw,maybe i'm blind or not perceptive enough to pick up on what might be hidden in some of his m

[10:25] <KPAX> if anyone will go in the future but not This time it will most likely be pheonix.

[10:28] <Phoenix> He may see validity in the designs of the Steve Gibbs device

[10:28] <KPAX> yeah when did he tell you that?

[10:29] <Phoenix> He didn't

[10:29] <Phoenix> he hinted at it though

[10:29] <Phoenix> in one of his replies

[10:29] <Phoenix> he said

[10:29] <Phoenix> Phoenix was given one of these

[10:29] <KPAX> that shows promise

[10:29] <Phoenix> isn't this true TonyBravo

[10:30] <Phoenix> yeah it does

[10:30] <Phoenix> for all of us

[10:30] <KPAX> aI do not doubt you word phoenix

[10:30] <Phoenix> the designs are pretty much out on the board

[10:30] <KPAX> i am jsut a litle suprised ...pleasently surprised

[10:30] <Phoenix> and DrTom is actively building one right now

[10:30] <H1t|M4n> Yes that is true Phoenix

[10:30] <KPAX> just

[10:31] <Phoenix> I think that is what he was suggesting some sort of vote could be held for

[10:31] <Phoenix> but I am not sure what he ment by that

[10:31] <Phoenix> as for who goes with him

[10:32] <Phoenix> I think I figured out how he is going to decide that too

[10:32] <KPAX> ok stop all logs Tony

[10:32] <KPAX> please

[10:32] <Phoenix> ok

[10:32] <Phoenix> I will

[10:32] <Phoenix> but it is in his hints

[10:32] <KPAX> my logs have been stopped

[10:33] <KPAX> let me know when you have stopped yours

[10:33] <KPAX> Tony, Pheonix?

[10:33] <Phoenix> how do I start or stop them?

[10:34] <KPAX> you don't need to worry at the moment

[10:34] <KPAX> i will tell you soon

[10:34] <Phoenix> ok

[10:34] <KPAX> Tony?

[10:34] -> [H1t|M4n] PING

[10:35] <H1t|M4n> i was looking up something sorry my friends

[10:35] <KPAX> turn you logs off for a second please tony

[10:35] <H1t|M4n> k

[10:35] <H1t|M4n> give me a sec

[10:35] <KPAX> done?

[10:36] <H1t|M4n> done

[10:37] <KPAX> ok i thinks that you both can be trusted...i am about to break my does not sit well with me but i trust you will not disclose the info i am about to give you

[10:37] <KPAX> ...

[10:37] <Phoenix> don't

[10:37] <H1t|M4n> I will not say anything @ all KPAX you have my word .

[10:37] <Phoenix> just keep it KPAX

[10:37] <Phoenix> even thought you trust us

[10:37] <H1t|M4n> Well ....

[10:38] <Phoenix> and yes you can trust us

[10:38] <Phoenix> just keep it

[10:38] <H1t|M4n> That makes sense Phoenix

[10:38] <H1t|M4n> True

[10:38] <H1t|M4n> Good decision

[10:38] <Phoenix> We trust you too

[10:38] <Phoenix> just know that

[10:38] <H1t|M4n> Phoenix and i can be trusted but Phoenix is right keep your word

[10:38] <KPAX> ok i won't...but Pheonix i can tell you it won't be anyone from the forums this time

[10:38] <H1t|M4n> Don't break it

[10:39] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[10:39] <H1t|M4n> Yup

[10:39] <H1t|M4n> I know who then

[10:39] <Phoenix> ok KPAX

[10:39] <H1t|M4n> If i can change the subject

[10:39] <KPAX> i got chills as i was typing waht iwas going to tell you and then you guys said not to break it so i have'nt

[10:39] <Phoenix> yes

[10:39] <KPAX> logs on

[10:40] <Phoenix> change the subject tony

[10:40] <H1t|M4n> Does anyone know Pamela M ?

[10:40] <H1t|M4n> She seems to be very privy to some stuff .

[10:41] <Phoenix> she talked to John Titor

[10:41] <KPAX> Phoenix to getr logs go to options cscroll to logging click then in the dailog box you will see none cahnge that to both hit ok and you will have logs of all on here

[10:41] <KPAX> no

[10:41] <Phoenix> I believe he confided a lot of stuff to her

[10:41] <H1t|M4n> i tried to sign up @ her site i think its hers anomolies,and could'nt because it said something about my ip is banned i could not understand that @ all .

[10:41] <KPAX> sorry abvout all my typos...i'm not a good typist

[10:42] <Phoenix> what server to you have Tony?

[10:42] <H1t|M4n> Its ok KPAX

[10:42] <KPAX> Alex is on it appears

[10:42] <Phoenix> Is it AOL?

[10:42] <H1t|M4n> one sec

[10:42] <KPAX> online

[10:42] <H1t|M4n> Yeah see she invited him here

[10:42] <KPAX> not here

[10:43] <H1t|M4n> I'm on Jade.Va.US.Dal.Net

[10:43] <Phoenix> oppss

[10:43] <Phoenix> I didn't mean that

[10:43] <Phoenix> I ment

[10:43] <H1t|M4n> Sop Status

[10:43] <Phoenix> who do you sign up with for internet service

[10:43] <H1t|M4n> Ohhhhh

[10:43] <H1t|M4n> Um

[10:43] <H1t|M4n> Verizon

[10:43] <H1t|M4n> Dsl

[10:43] <Phoenix> hmmm

[10:44] <H1t|M4n> Earthlink dsl to be exact

[10:44] <Phoenix> maybe she has a group of IP numbers banned

[10:44] <KPAX> direct from Pm from False

[10:44] <KPAX> ZEn

[10:44] <Phoenix> AOL will give people the same IP numbers

[10:44] <KPAX> Somehow I don't think they will though. They seem to be getting fed up pretty fast. At least Max seems to be, if you have read his latest post. I don't blame him, what with all the pot heads posting

[10:44] <KPAX> I know he's just sitting there thinking "God I'm glad these people got nuked". haa haa haa

[10:44] <Phoenix> hee hee hee

[10:44] <Phoenix> that is sad


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[10:45] <Phoenix> :p

[10:45] <KPAX> Isn't there some way Gavin or Phoenix could start banning these particular people? All the 'guests' are begining to be a problem too. It's free to register, yet they prefer to remain hidden so they can rag on people. I'm gussing Gavin can't make it to where you HAVE to register in order to post?

[10:45] <Phoenix> I can bann all the people I want at my site

[10:45] <Phoenix> but Gavin is his site

[10:45] <H1t|M4n> Well that was something i was going to ask

[10:46] <Phoenix> so I have no Admin powers there

[10:46] <KPAX> he is not at all happy with the way people are treating alex and maxwell....i don't blame him one little bit...thisis why this channel exists

[10:46] <Phoenix> I have no problem throwing warning at people

[10:46] <Phoenix> or banning people if they deserve it

[10:46] <H1t|M4n> Well i was wondering why don't he jus make it so that you can't post unless your nic is registered

[10:47] <KPAX> they do'nt get one here..they abide by the rules or goodbye....haa haa haa

[10:47] <Phoenix> that is how I did it for the alexander forum at our site

[10:47] <H1t|M4n> TimeTheorie Phoenix ?

[10:48] <Phoenix> yeah

[10:48] <Phoenix> maxwell just gave me good advice for how to survive the coming times

[10:48] <Phoenix> which actually really scares me

[10:49] <H1t|M4n> hmm

[10:49] <KPAX> prey do tell

[10:50] <Phoenix> well i tried going out into the wilderness this one time as a little experiment

[10:50] <Phoenix> and it went all wrong

[10:50] <H1t|M4n> Well he said hes from the malicia right these cats are survivalists and have been around for ever man,and have never like the government also .

[10:50] <Phoenix> and I wound up checking the night into a hotel

[10:50] <H1t|M4n> haa haa haa

[10:50] <Phoenix> yeah that and a sunburn

[10:50] <H1t|M4n> I'm sorry i could'nt help laughing

[10:50] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[10:50] <Phoenix> so he gave me advice

[10:51] <Phoenix> and it sounds real good

[10:51] <Phoenix> here is what he said

[10:52] <KPAX> just got another enquiry about the channel looks like we are going to have plenty of ppl comming

[10:52] <Phoenix> Knowing where farms are is useful. Get to know plant types for the area you live, and realize what is edible and what is not and what is poisionous.

[10:52] <Phoenix> ok

[10:53] <H1t|M4n> Well that sounds like a good idea

[10:54] <Phoenix> yeah

[10:54] <Phoenix> :(

[10:54] <Phoenix> eck

[10:54] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[10:54] <Phoenix> :)

[10:55] <KPAX> and most ranches have a dam which is good for water

[10:55] <KPAX> very good advice form max

[10:55] <H1t|M4n> Phoenix Professor was here and i sent him the logs from when i was talking to that guy who came to the forum posing questions to everyone

[10:55] <Phoenix> I am going to take a shower

[10:55] <Phoenix> I will be back

[10:55] <H1t|M4n> ok

[10:55] <KPAX> np see you later

[10:55] <H1t|M4n> k

[10:56] <H1t|M4n> KPAX i am almost always on irc

[10:56] <H1t|M4n> you can always find me here go to bed and leave my pc on all the time

[10:57] * NotJohnTitor has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[10:57] <NotJohnTitor> Hiya

[10:58] <NotJohnTitor> Anybody home?

[10:58] <KPAX> hi

[10:58] <KPAX> welcome

[10:58] * Phoenix has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

[10:58] <NotJohnTitor> Thanks :)

[10:58] <H1t|M4n> Hello NotJohnTitor

[10:58] <KPAX> are you Alex?

[10:59] <NotJohnTitor> No

[10:59] <KPAX> what is you nick on the forums?

[10:59] <H1t|M4n> What is your name on the forum

[10:59] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[10:59] <KPAX> great minds think alike

[10:59] <KPAX> NJT?

[10:59] <H1t|M4n> I was about to say

[10:59] <NotJohnTitor> Although I'd be surprised if he somehow knew how to use Mirc. I'm from this time and it took me months to figure it out.


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[11:00] <H1t|M4n> Well you know what NotJohnTitor ?

[11:00] <NotJohnTitor> Whats that?

[11:00] <H1t|M4n> We are most happy to have you here my friend

[11:00] <KPAX> no kicking hi9tman

[11:00] <NotJohnTitor> Sweet. So what are we talking about.

[11:00] <NotJohnTitor> ?

[11:00] * AlexanderTT has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:01] <KPAX> waht is the nick name you use on the forum?

[11:01] <KPAX> Welcome Alex

[11:01] <NotJohnTitor> I prefer to remain anonymous.

[11:01] <NotJohnTitor> :)

[11:01] <AlexanderTT> That wasn;t that hard:)

[11:01] <KPAX> howe are you today

[11:01] * cerial has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:01] <KPAX> welcome cerial

[11:01] <cerial> hey :)

[11:01] <cerial> thanks KPAX :)

[11:01] <H1t|M4n> Its nice to have you here AlexanderTT cerial

[11:01] <H1t|M4n> WelCome

[11:02] * cerial bows to the H1t|M4n

[11:02] * Aage has joined #timetravellersinn

[11:02] <KPAX> Alex may we as a question to confirm your id?

[11:02] <Aage> hm

[11:02] * Aage is now known as Algol_Aida

[11:02] <AlexanderTT> yes

[11:02] <KPAX> ok

[11:02] <KPAX> stand by

[11:03] <KPAX> i am looking for a PM you sent

[11:03] -H1t|M4n- this is where it all starts so keep your guard up ok ?

[11:03] <AlexanderTT> take your time

[11:04] <KPAX> Alex, you gave me an opportunity to answer a question before anyone else waht was that question?

[11:04] <AlexanderTT> I remember two questions that I had hoped you would be first to answer

[11:04] <KPAX> While Alex is doing this I would like to remnd everyon of the rules

[11:05] <KPAX> this is alez

[11:05] <AlexanderTT> What is my hidden agenda , and why did Y2k not happen

[11:05] <KPAX> Alex

[11:05] <KPAX> Sorry for my typing ...this is the real alsx

[11:05] <KPAX> alex

[11:05] <AlexanderTT> I am a terrible typer as well

[11:05] <KPAX> most of us are my friend

[11:05] <cerial> indeed

[11:06] <AlexanderTT> I hope to be friend with all of you

[11:06] * Payton2152001 has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:06] <KPAX> you are among friends Alex

[11:06] <H1t|M4n> I think in our own way you have gained some friends AlexanderTT :)

[11:06] <cerial> yeah alex .. good to meet u :)

[11:06] <NotJohnTitor> Wait, you have a hidden agenda?

[11:07] <Payton2152001> Hello everyone! nice to meet you Alex!

[11:07] <AlexanderTT> I have enjoyed my conversation so far with all of you

[11:07] <KPAX> yes he does it is not important for you to know waht

[11:07] <KPAX> what

[11:07] <KPAX> some things have to remain secret

[11:07] <cerial> alex .. mind if i PM u that info i promised ?

[11:08] <AlexanderTT> sure cerial I will get to it whenever possible

[11:08] <KPAX> ok folks are there any question that you have for at a time and please wait untill alex has finished his answer

[11:09] <AlexanderTT> I didnt know he could pm me here.

[11:09] <H1t|M4n> Sorry i forgot to welcome Payton2152001 to the channel welcome Payton2152001,and i amd also very sorry about earlier .

[11:09] <AlexanderTT> that will be very usefull

[11:09] <Payton2152001> no prob bob! glad to be here!

[11:10] <H1t|M4n> <Payton2152001> no prob bob! glad to be here! <-----------My name is not bob Payton2152001 .

[11:10] <AlexanderTT> i am so far amazed by everyone's curiosity

[11:11] <KPAX> h1t|M4n is TonyBravo on the Forums

[11:11] <AlexanderTT> it is good that there are some who are not taking everything blindly by faith

[11:11] <Payton2152001> yes...I know that...bob rhymes with prob...have you heard that saying before?

[11:11] <KPAX> Questions?

[11:11] <NotJohnTitor> So Alex, is there info you can impart to us about the near future that we would find interesting?

[11:11] <H1t|M4n> No i have not and i'm sorry sounding short with you ;)

[11:12] <Payton2152001> I have a question for alex if this is acceptable

[11:12] * ikubed has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:12] * Feverfain has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:12] <NotJohnTitor> I just asked one.....

[11:12] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +vvv AlexanderTT Algol_Aida cerial

[11:12] <Feverfain> Sweet..

[11:12] <AlexanderTT> I have already done this.I mostly drop hints.I do love it when people figure out these hints

[11:12] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +vvv Feverfain ikubed NotJohnTitor

[11:12] * KPAX sets mode: +v H1t|M4n

[11:12] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Payton2152001

[11:12] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +o AlexanderTT

[11:13] <H1t|M4n> Ask but it would be good if everyone can wait untill you are done talking Payton2152001 ok .

[11:13] * cloaked has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:14] <KPAX> Sorry to interupt...Alex if you feel threatened you can kick or ban a user by right clicking on th nickname and going to control and clicking on ban

[11:14] <Payton2152001> thank goes

[11:14] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v cloaked

[11:14] <AlexanderTT> thank you kpax

[11:14] <KPAX> you have operational controls

[11:14] <AlexanderTT> hopefully we are all courteous here

[11:14] <Payton2152001> I have a 4yr old daughter...I will want to protect her if/when the time comes available...will I be able to do this?

[11:14] <KPAX> indeed


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[11:15] <ikubed> hi alex, nice to speak to you real time

[11:15] <AlexanderTT> yes, keep her and your family close to you.Guard them with your life and never stop moving.

[11:15] * HereAndNow has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:15] <H1t|M4n> ikubed how are you doing,can you hold on untill Payton2152001 is don't with his question ?

[11:15] <AlexanderTT> this is what my parents did

[11:15] <HereAndNow> hello everyone =)

[11:15] <HereAndNow> hello Alex =)

[11:15] <Payton2152001> thank you

[11:15] <H1t|M4n> Hello HereAndNow

[11:15] <cerial> hi HereAndNow :)

[11:15] <AlexanderTT> My mother lost her life protecting me

[11:16] <KPAX> welcom all new joiners

[11:16] <cerial> sorry to hear that alex :|

[11:16] <cloaked> yes sorry

[11:16] <NotJohnTitor> From government troops?

[11:16] * KPAX sets mode: +v H1t|M4n

[11:16] <AlexanderTT> yes

[11:16] <AlexanderTT> from the military

[11:16] <AlexanderTT> controlled by the government

[11:16] * KPAX sets mode: -v H1t|M4n

[11:16] * KPAX sets mode: -v H1t|M4n

[11:17] * KPAX sets mode: -v H1t|M4n

[11:17] * KPAX sets mode: -v H1t|M4n

[11:17] * KPAX sets mode: +v H1t|M4n

[11:17] <HereAndNow> this is all so unreal. It was always a thought in the back of my head and a fear my father always had . . was me being in a war.

[11:17] <AlexanderTT> you would be suprised at how many military personnel defect to the peoples side

[11:17] <H1t|M4n> I have an idea so that this goes smoothly .

[11:17] * KPAX sets mode: +v Algol_Aida

[11:18] * KPAX sets mode: +v Algol_Aida

[11:18] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:18] <HereAndNow> i wanna take the chance i have to personally say ty Alex, for your time and patience with us

[11:18] <H1t|M4n> We will have to moderate the channel and go down the line with everyone ok,sorry for the inconvenience .

[11:18] <NotJohnTitor> Are you the one Alabama?

[11:18] <NotJohnTitor> in

[11:18] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +m

[11:18] <cerial> no probs H1t|M4n ..

[11:18] <cerial> good idea :)

[11:18] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -vvv Algol_Aida cerial cloaked

[11:19] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -vvv Feverfain HereAndNow ikubed

[11:19] * KPAX sets mode: -v ikubed

[11:19] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -v NotJohnTitor

[11:19] <KPAX> payton do you have a question

[11:19] <H1t|M4n> Ask your question now Payton2152001

[11:19] <H1t|M4n> I

[11:20] <Payton2152001> I've already asked my has been answered thank you

[11:20] <Payton2152001> who's next?

[11:20] * KPAX sets mode: +v ikubed

[11:20] <AlexanderTT> when I finish answering I will type "" hope this helps

[11:20] <ikubed> where would you suggest would be a benifitial place to at least avoid the initial blasts??

[11:20] * KPAX sets mode: -v ikubed

[11:20] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -v Payton2152001

[11:20] * KPAX sets mode: +v ikubed

[11:20] <AlexanderTT> I have said this over and over, when the nukes fall it will not be a suprise to anyone

[11:21] <AlexanderTT> you and everyone else will no where to be and where it is safe

[11:21] <ikubed> thanx v much, i'l wait and see

[11:21] <AlexanderTT> what is amazing is that the people in the cities, stay there ""

[11:21] * KPAX sets mode: +v cerial

[11:21] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:22] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:22] * KPAX sets mode: +v cerial

[11:22] <cerial> thanks

[11:22] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:23] <AlexanderTT> "" means I am ready for the next question

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: +v cerial

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: +v cerial

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: -v cerial

[11:23] * KPAX sets mode: +v cloaked

[11:23] <KPAX> cloaked

[11:23] <cloaked> thanks

[11:24] <cloaked> pass me by I'm thinking

[11:24] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -v ikubed

[11:24] * KPAX sets mode: -v cloaked

[11:24] <AlexanderTT> take your time everyone

[11:24] * KPAX sets mode: +v Feverfain

[11:24] <KPAX> fever

[11:24] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Algol_Aida

[11:24] <H1t|M4n> Algol_Aida do you have a question ?

[11:24] <Algol_Aida> yes

[11:24] <Feverfain> If.. we.. can stop Bush from being re-elected in the coming election..

[11:24] <Algol_Aida> when and how will the war affect europe?

[11:25] <Feverfain> Will that change anything..

[11:25] <Algol_Aida> and which parts of europe?

[11:25] <Feverfain> Whoops. Thought it was my turn. Pardon.

[11:25] * usascholar has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:25] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -v Feverfain

[11:25] <KPAX> it was

[11:25] <H1t|M4n> Np

[11:25] <Algol_Aida> oh

[11:25] <AlexanderTT> Laughs *

[11:25] <KPAX> but just han on your next

[11:25] * Phoenix has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:25] <AlexanderTT> i will answer algol first

[11:26] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +o Phoenix

[11:26] <Phoenix> Boris said he was here alone

[11:26] <H1t|M4n> Welcome Back Phoenix

[11:26] <AlexanderTT> this can not be easily summed up.

[11:26] <Phoenix> anyone know where he is?

[11:27] <AlexanderTT> feverfain, bush is not the cause of the coming war he just happens to be in office when it happens

[11:27] <AlexanderTT> "" unless you want more detail

[11:27] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -v Algol_Aida

[11:27] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Feverfain

[11:28] <H1t|M4n> Feverfain do you have a question my friend ?

[11:28] <AlexanderTT> I will say this though.

[11:28] <AlexanderTT> president do not know everything that is goingon behind there back

[11:28] <Feverfain> Yes one more question. Have people tried astral projection .. as a way of time traveling?

[11:29] * Retrieving #TimeTravellersInn modes...

[11:29] <AlexanderTT> In my time we have similar stories of psychics being used, but I have not seen any proof in my life time to support these claims""

[11:30] * Algol_Aida has left #TimeTravellersInn

[11:30] <Feverfain> Done with my questions. :) Thanks Alex.

[11:30] <AlexanderTT> your welcome


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn



[11:31] * H1t|M4n sets mode: -v Feverfain

[11:31] * KPAX sets mode: +v Feverfain

[11:31] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v usascholar

[11:31] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:31] * KPAX sets mode: -v Feverfain

[11:31] * KPAX sets mode: -v Feverfain

[11:32] * KPAX sets mode: -v HereAndNow

[11:32] <KPAX> sortry tony

[11:32] <KPAX> aggh

[11:32] <H1t|M4n> np

[11:32] <H1t|M4n> Do you have a question usascholar ?

[11:32] <AlexanderTT> I think everyone should be allowed to type, as long as they show courtesy and take turns we should be fine

[11:33] <KPAX> your the boss Alex

[11:33] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:33] <H1t|M4n> Well its up to you AlexanderTT

[11:33] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:33] <H1t|M4n> it will be done

[11:33] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:33] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:33] <usascholar> Hi Alexander, and I am glad to see Pheonix...

[11:33] * KPAX sets mode: +v HereAndNow

[11:33] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +vvv cerial cloaked Feverfain

[11:33] * KPAX sets mode: +v cloaked

[11:33] <Phoenix> I usascholar

[11:33] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +vvv ikubed NotJohnTitor Payton2152001

[11:33] <usascholar> Pheonix, did you post that a democrat was going to win in the Forum?

[11:33] * Kivo has joined #timetravellersinn

[11:33] <Phoenix> by accident

[11:33] <Phoenix> yes

[11:34] * KPAX sets mode: +v cloaked

[11:34] <usascholar> Ok... I was confused

[11:34] <Phoenix> I reread the quote

[11:34] <Phoenix> and I was wrong

[11:34] <Payton2152001> may I ask you another question Alexander?

[11:34] * KPAX sets mode: +v Kivo

[11:34] <AlexanderTT> A democratic independent will follow bush 2008 and he will be power hungry adding fuel to the already burning country

[11:34] <AlexanderTT> ask away

[11:34] <NotJohnTitor> Alex, In the civil war, it seems obvious that some celebrities would come out vocally for the rebellion and some for the government. Could you name a couple of each?

[11:34] [cerial:#TimeTravellersInn PING]

[11:34] <Payton2152001> you say the people in the cities stay it because they feel they are "dying for America?" do they feel honor in this?

[11:35] * _Shaun_ has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:35] * KKP has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:35] <usascholar> Alex, thanks for stopping by. Do you have contact with the other TT'rs in this era?

[11:35] * KPAX sets mode: -m

[11:35] * KPAX sets mode: +v Kivo

[11:35] * KPAX sets mode: +v _Shaun_

[11:36] * KPAX sets mode: +v KKP

[11:36] <AlexanderTT> Celebrities will actually ignore the situation like the media, and after it gets beyond ignoring, My family was already on the run.I do not remember off-hand which one's

[11:36] <cloaked> was Chicago hit in the attack or any where else in Illinois?

[11:36] * OmegaKnight has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:36] <AlexanderTT> The people in the cities stay there because they believe that the Government will protect them

[11:36] * FilthyScarecrow has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:37] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +vv FilthyScarecrow OmegaKnight

[11:37] <NotJohnTitor> From?

[11:37] <Kivo> Alex You are from Alabama yes?

[11:37] <cloaked> our government won't protect anyone but their selves

[11:37] <AlexanderTT> I do not have contact with other TT's

[11:37] <AlexanderTT> chicago is now gone

[11:37] * KKP has left #TimeTravellersInn

[11:37] <ikubed> have you anyone waiting for you back home alex, family or friends i mean?

[11:38] <HereAndNow> what starts the war as far as who makes the first attack. Do teh 'confederates' attack the gov't first, or does the gov't attack teh ppl first. answer this as detailed as you can pls sir =) (of course no more than you feel you should)

[11:38] -> -AlexanderTT- could you regster you niock name so that Ican give you Auto Op status please, this will mean each time you come her you will automatically be oped

[11:38] H1t|M4n invited BBBoris into channel #TimeTravellersInn.

[11:38] * BBBoris has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:38] * KPAX sets mode: +v AlexanderTT

[11:38] <AlexanderTT> I do not have family back home, but I have friends

[11:38] * KPAX sets mode: +v BBBoris

[11:38] <BBBoris> testing

[11:38] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +o BBBoris

[11:38] <NotJohnTitor> Jupiter guy showed!

[11:38] <NotJohnTitor> :)

[11:38] <cloaked> do you know how far the blast raduis in Chicago extended

[11:38] <BBBoris> greetings

[11:38] <usascholar> If you were sent as a backup..(I think thats correct) it is a backup to record history, or change history?

[11:39] <H1t|M4n> Welcome BBBoris ;)

[11:39] * Pamela has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:39] <BBBoris> thank you, Tony

[11:39] <AlexanderTT> please allow me time to catch up

[11:39] <NotJohnTitor> Sup Pam?

[11:39] <Pamela> Hello

[11:39] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Pamela

[11:39] * KPAX sets mode: +v Pamela

[11:39] <_Shaun_> hi everyone, just being nosey.. not thought of a good question yet :)

[11:39] <HereAndNow> no rush alex, i just wanted to get my question out tehre =)

[11:39] <H1t|M4n> Welcome Pamela

[11:39] <cerial> hi Pamela :)

[11:39] <usascholar> Hi Pam

[11:40] <Pamela> Hi everyone

[11:40] <HereAndNow> hello Pam

[11:40] <BBBoris> hello

[11:40] <AlexanderTT> The government starts it.They already have the media has been ordered to ignore it.The people find out later this year.A lot don't believe it but they are shown more and more evidence

[11:40] <Pamela> Alexander I need proof that you know John.

[11:40] <AlexanderTT> hello pamela, I have been waiting

[11:40] <HereAndNow> i was thinkin more of a phsyical attack though =)

[11:41] <AlexanderTT> due to the "demand" for proof.You will all get it

[11:41] <KPAX> Alex how to register your nick: Type /nickserv register AlexanderTT <Password> <email address>

[11:41] <AlexanderTT> But I am curious why was my friend so taken with you?

[11:41] <Pamela> why do you say that?


[11:42] <AlexanderTT> I am curious as to wether you stimulated his mind , or if you were just a very nice person?

[11:43] <Kivo> Kpax whats the command to change my name?

[11:43] <Pamela> ?

[11:43] <BBBoris> People have been shown much evidence for years, and few can read it

[11:43] <cerial> ./nick less the .

[11:43] <cloaked> it's /nick nenick

[11:43] * Kivo is now known as Azrual

[11:43] <KPAX> go to command click change nick

[11:43] <AlexanderTT> pamela,I have heard over and over how you talked more with my friend than anyone....

[11:43] <Azrual> thanks

[11:44] * jfkpo has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:44] <AlexanderTT> So I am wondering why he was drawn to you

[11:44] * KPAX sets mode: +v Pamela

[11:44] * KPAX sets mode: +v jfkpo

[11:44] <Pamela> I dont know it seemed like I already knew him


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[11:45] <Pamela> alexander I am only interested to know if you really knew him or not.

[11:45] * Pyro has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:45] * Pyro has quit IRC (Quit: )

[11:45] * KKP has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:45] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v KKP

[11:45] <HereAndNow> first off, i have been confused lately. .pls pardon my brief interuption. . .but was John Titor his real name?

[11:45] <Pamela> no

[11:45] <HereAndNow> ok ty =)

[11:46] <H1t|M4n> Welcome jfkpo & KKP

[11:46] <KKP> hi

[11:46] <AlexanderTT> John was a good friend of mine, I did not know him as well as I wanted too.But we were doing to different things at Temporal Recon What do you have in mind for proof pamela?

[11:46] * jfkpo is now known as ximpa

[11:46] * Pyro has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:47] <Pyro> hello everyone

[11:47] <Azrual> hey Pyro

[11:47] * KPAX sets mode: +v Pyro

[11:47] <HereAndNow> hello pyro

[11:47] <_Shaun_> hi

[11:47] <Pyro> whats up

[11:47] <Pyro> is Alexander here??

[11:47] <Pamela> So you didnt know him that well?

[11:47] <KPAX> yes Pyro

[11:47] * KKP has left #TimeTravellersInn

[11:47] <Pyro> ok

[11:47] * Pyro is now known as Guest48555

[11:48] <HereAndNow> technically, didnt yall know 2 different JT's?

[11:48] * KKP has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:48] <Phoenix> That is a good point

[11:48] <AlexanderTT> personally, no .we worked together. We eat lunch together sometimes.We did not know each other outside TR.

[11:48] <KKP> i was asked to talk to alexander

[11:48] <HereAndNow> technically, didnt yall know 2 different JT's?

[11:48] <HereAndNow> sorry

[11:49] <HereAndNow> booboo

[11:49] <Guest48555> i think they did. techincally.

[11:49] <Pamela> I dont know here and now.

[11:49] <AlexanderTT> yes hereandnow, I was waiting on someone to put that together:)

[11:49] <Pamela> did he know me in your time?

[11:49] * KPAX sets mode: +v KKP

[11:49] <AlexanderTT> but so similar not even a mother would notice for a short time

[11:49] <Guest48555> ic

[11:49] <NotJohnTitor> What city/town is Temporal Recon based out of?

[11:49] <HereAndNow> ahh

[11:49] <Azrual> Alex when you came here how did you find a place to stay ,or are you with your parents or someone who knows,if not did you have a fake ID from this time and money from this time?

[11:50] <Guest48555> Alexander i have a question for you

[11:50] <KPAX> one at a time please

[11:50] * KKP has left #TimeTravellersInn

[11:50] <Guest48555> how can i change my name to Pyro?

[11:50] <AlexanderTT> please one at a time, currently I am talking to pamela

[11:50] <KPAX> 48555 msg me

[11:51] <Guest48555> how?

[11:51] <AlexanderTT> I did not know of a pamela he knew in 2039 is that your real name?

[11:51] <cloaked> type /nick pyro

[11:51] <Pamela> yes

[11:51] * Guest48555 is now known as pyro2000

[11:51] <pyro2000> thank you cloaked

[11:51] <cloaked> your welcome

[11:52] <Pamela> do you know his nick name in the unit?

[11:52] * KKP has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:52] * KPAX sets mode: +v KKP

[11:53] * KKP has left #TimeTravellersInn

[11:55] <KPAX> Alex may I ask a question please?

[11:55] <usascholar> You can slice the tension like a knife in here...

[11:55] <Pamela> Sorry I dont want to take all of your time others have questions I can pm you later.

[11:55] <pyro2000> yeah usa. your right

[11:55] <AlexanderTT> we knew each other at work, I knew he was very passionate about his work.The technology behing the C204 fascinated him.I never asked him personall questions we mostly talked about work I was not told anything about his mission here.The only reason why I think your JT is my friend from the future is because One time we were talking and he said........

[11:56] <Phoenix> Establish his authenticity Pamela

[11:56] <Phoenix> I think it is worth it

[11:56] * NotJohnTitor has quit IRC (Quit: )

[11:57] <AlexanderTT> I think I'll tell people where I am from when I go to another Worldline.Thinking he was joking I asked, "What will you call yourself?" He looked at me and smiled, John Titor

[11:57] <Pamela> what does he look like?

[11:58] <AlexanderTT> That is why I think that the JT you talked to was my friend. I may very well be wrong, but what is on sounds just like my old friend

[11:58] <BBBoris> that is a good question

[11:58] <HereAndNow> aye

[11:58] * cerial gets a pot of tea on the brew ..

[11:59] * Stonie has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[11:59] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Stonie

[11:59] <HereAndNow> can someone tell me how to send a PM pls? =)

[11:59] <HereAndNow> <<newb

[11:59] <H1t|M4n> Welcom Stonie .

[11:59] <AlexanderTT> He was about my height i am 6 feet. Darkened blonde hair I would call it and you must remeber he is alive today I will not give much more detail about him

[11:59] <Stonie> hey

[11:59] <Pamela> what color are his eyes?


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[12:00] <Stonie> just been reading the time travel forum

[12:00] <BBBoris> excellent

[12:00] <KPAX> Alex this may have been asked difficult do you find adjusting to our ways in this time so that you may conceal yourself among us?

[12:00] <pyro2000> Gotta Go Guys, I shall return later

[12:00] <Azrual> later Pyro

[12:00] <Phoenix> bye pyro

[12:00] <H1t|M4n> pyro2000

[12:00] <H1t|M4n> Take Care

[12:00] <KPAX> don't forget to go to the forums

[12:00] <AlexanderTT> I never really paid attention, I think it was a hazel/green

[12:01] <Pamela> well you got the eye color right anyway.

[12:01] <Stonie> i never remember peoples eye colour personally i duno why

[12:01] <Azrual> so no Blonde hair Pam?

[12:01] <Phoenix> ok anything you else you canthink of right now that would settle it for you Palema?

[12:01] <AlexanderTT> Kpax it is not that hard to act like a normal person of this time.I have been to grocery stores and mall's I have talked to all sorts of people.They do not know because I do not tell them

[12:01] <KPAX> Also have you altered you appearance to fit in?

[12:02] <Pamela> no blond hair. unless it was lightened by the sun. ??

[12:03] <AlexanderTT> no not blonde, dirty blonde like a brownish color, dimilar to my own actually

[12:03] <Phoenix> About 6 foot though?

[12:03] <Pamela> yes he was tall.

[12:03] <BBBoris> Alexander, how do you put up with the natives' hyper-consumerism? Didn't that shock you?

[12:03] <KPAX> bbias

[12:04] <H1t|M4n> k

[12:04] <BBBoris> ?

[12:04] <AlexanderTT> Yes it did bbboris, it is amazing how consumers are really that here

[12:04] <Azrual> may i ask one question?

[12:04] <BBBoris> But how do you take in your stride?

[12:04] <AlexanderTT> yes azrual

[12:05] <H1t|M4n> Go right ahead Azrual .

[12:05] <Azrual> Alex when you came here how did you find a place to stay ,or are you with your parents or someone who knows,if not did you have a fake ID from this time and money from this time?

[12:05] <BBBoris> Don't you feeel like wrecking a supermarket occasionnallyu.

[12:05] <H1t|M4n> Excellent question Azrual HeHe

[12:05] <Phoenix> hee haa haa haa haa

[12:05] -> -BBBoris- yes in answer to you pm on th forum...welome to ops..Did you register your nick? I will Aop you.

[12:05] <AlexanderTT> I am with family, we are taught how to accuire things we need while we are here.

[12:05] <Phoenix> at Boris

[12:05] <Azrual> thanks

[12:05] <H1t|M4n> I was going to ask that but i wanted to not impose on everyone

[12:06] <AlexanderTT> I would rather pick fresh tomatoes from a garden then go shopping

[12:06] <HereAndNow> when i get a chance, i would like to remind Alex of something we were talkin about in PM's

[12:06] <HereAndNow> as soon as the current questions have been cleared

[12:06] <Payton2152001> BBBoris, or anyone else. Isn't hyper-consumerism a solid ground for economic growth? what's bad about it?

[12:06] <H1t|M4n> go right ahead HereAndNow

[12:07] * Opmmur has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[12:07] <BBBoris> the end result is what bad about it

[12:07] -ChanServ:#timetravellersinn- H1t|M4n has opped Opmmur

[12:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Opmmur

[12:07] <BBBoris> Only your descendants can understand

[12:07] <AlexanderTT> your ideals of economics are without foundation payton

[12:07] <KPAX> Alex- Could you tell us what the ethics of Time Travel usage are please?

[12:07] <HereAndNow> Alex, i was the one whom you had a friend check up on, to see if I was CIA hehe. I was askin you about some ppl you knew in your time with the same last name as me

[12:07] <HereAndNow> so you remember sir?

[12:07] <HereAndNow> er do you

[12:08] <Payton2152001> very intrueging..thanks for the insight

[12:08] <Opmmur> Hi all Professor Opmmur Here my first time on a IRC

[12:08] <BBBoris> you're welcome

[12:08] <HereAndNow> welcome opmmur

[12:08] <Azrual> Hey opmmur

[12:08] <cloaked> howdy Prof

[12:08] <AlexanderTT> kpax , would it be possible for me to go take care of something real quick, and return in about 5-10 minutes? I will not leave the room, I just need to leave the computer for a minute

[12:09] <cerial> i don't think u need to ask alex .. jus go !!

[12:09] <H1t|M4n> Welcome back Professor

[12:09] <Pamela> haa haa haa

[12:09] <HereAndNow> yea man, if you gotta take a #2 . . just go man!!

[12:09] <HereAndNow> haa haa haa =)

[12:09] <Pamela> John use to do that to me all the time. haa haa haa

[12:09] <KPAX> do what you have to Alex noone is holding you prisoner my friend and you do not need my permission ;)

[12:10] <ikubed> how do you feel pamela? any closer to believing?

[12:10] <KPAX> i ma simply a moderator

[12:10] <KPAX> am

[12:10] <Pamela> It will take more than that I am afraid.

[12:10] <ikubed> thought so....

[12:10] <Pamela> he said blond hair at first.

[12:10] <Phoenix> Interesting question about supermarket BBBoris

[12:11] * NotJohnTitor has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[12:11] <NotJohnTitor> What did I miss?

[12:11] <H1t|M4n> I think he was being polite instead of just leaving everyone hanging and wanting to know why hes not talking ;)

[12:11] <Opmmur> Alexander: could please comment on Tipler Rotating Cylinders is it part of your time machine?

[12:11] <BBBoris> What I fear is that some will show up claiming to be part of the recon team, and we shan't be able to sort out who's who

[12:11] <HereAndNow> actually, i see he said darkened blonde hair first pam

[12:11] <Pamela> it would be nice to have one of John's friends here. So i hope he is telling the truth.

[12:11] <cerial> pam ... Darkened blonde hair I would call it

[12:11] <cerial> he seem on the level

[12:11] <HereAndNow> =)

[12:11] <Phoenix> Pamela it is a common assumption that Titor is a shortening of time traveler. Did John tell you why he chose the last name of Titor?

[12:12] <Pamela> he chose it because he was forced to produce a last name for the art bell forum it means time traveler OR

[12:12] * HereAndNow plays a tune on his guitar

[12:12] * KPAX goes to get a coffee

[12:12] <KPAX> brbv

[12:14] <Pamela> Someone go and find Alex i think I made him nervous and he escaped! haa haa haa

[12:14] <Phoenix> People have commented about the design of his time machine being composed of old parts. Did he mention anything to do with that to you Pamela?

[12:14] * NotJohnTitor Time Travels forward in time one second at a time.

[12:14] <cerial> so where is everyone based in here ?

[12:14] <Pamela> no. He never mentioned them being old parts.

[12:14] <Phoenix> Cali

[12:14] <NotJohnTitor> Louisiana

[12:14] <Pamela> Ohio


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[12:15] <BBBoris> Paris, France

[12:15] <_Shaun_> Scottish insomniac

[12:15] * cerial is in Ireland :)

[12:15] <Phoenix> The european both insomniacs :p

[12:15] <cerial> yep

[12:15] <cerial> we never sleep

[12:16] <_Shaun_> all three even :)

[12:16] <HereAndNow> <<country hick insomniac from North Carolina

[12:16] <HereAndNow> hehe ive been up 2 straight days now

[12:16] <Phoenix> hahahahahahahhaha

[12:16] <NotJohnTitor> Go Panthers Eh?

[12:16] <HereAndNow> woooooord!!!

[12:16] <HereAndNow> dems my boys

[12:16] <cerial> have to watch

[12:16] <Pamela> are we in intermission? haa haa haa

[12:16] <Phoenix> yes

[12:16] <Stonie> im in tasmania, australia everyone probably doesnt know where that is i dont reckon

[12:16] <NotJohnTitor> Jake Delhomme is from right near me. :)

[12:16] <HereAndNow> hlaf time haa haa haa

[12:16] <cerial> for the invasion !!!

[12:16] <HereAndNow> er half

[12:16] <KPAX> i would like take this opportunity to thank all of you for comming to this chat, i hope that you will all find it enlightening and hope you all return as much as possible. I would also like to remind you all that logs of questions asked and the answers will be posted on the forums for later reference. I am hoping that Gavin will come into the chat at some point soon.

[12:17] <BBBoris> an island south of ozzie

[12:17] <Pamela> Hmmm maybe the description of John was not such a good idea if it is going to be posted.

[12:17] <Stonie> yeah its part of aus tho one of the 6 states

[12:17] <Phoenix> Can that be edited KPAX?

[12:17] <KPAX> it can

[12:18] <Phoenix> the description of John

[12:18] <Phoenix> do so

[12:18] <KPAX> made note it wqill be edited

[12:18] <NotJohnTitor> You saw a pic of him Pam?

[12:18] <Pamela> Where is that Alex? isnt he a time traveler? why do you have to wait on a time traveler? haa haa haa

[12:18] <_Shaun_> has anyone asked what the next specific event leading up to "the war" is/was from the point of view of 2039?

[12:18] <Opmmur> Welcome BB Boris thank you from coming to this IRC

[12:18] <KPAX> give the man a break he is on a mission that is very important to us

[12:18] <Pamela> John described himself to me incase I would see him in the future.

[12:19] <ikubed> back with a good ol' british cup o tea!!

[12:19] <BBBoris> A pleasure, Professor

[12:19] <_Shaun_> hard to think of qustions that can't have a diverged answer :(

[12:19] <BBBoris> When will you realize the war is already on

[12:19] <BBBoris> Events are a'plaenty

[12:19] <_Shaun_> but history usualy records specific events right?

[12:20] <BBBoris> 9/11

[12:20] <Pamela> He must be taking a shower also. hahah

[12:20] <BBBoris> Bagddad

[12:20] <Payton2152001> I don't think it's a problem Pamela. there are many people in this world that are 6ft with brown hair/hazel eyes

[12:20] <_Shaun_> so just ask what the next one is from now.. as taught in history lessons in 2030+ schools ?

[12:20] <Phoenix> Still all the little clues add up

[12:20] <_Shaun_> just a thought

[12:21] <_Shaun_> I'm a beginner :p

[12:21] <Pamela> whats so funny is I have brown hair and hazel eyes too. :)

[12:21] <BBBoris> You are right, of course

[12:21] <Phoenix> heehehhe

[12:21] <BBBoris> but try and keep the perspective wider. It makes lmore sense that way

[12:21] <cloaked> one would think that after a nuclear war there would be more to do than write the history books

[12:21] <cerial> well u've all got an invite to stay in ireland if it gets bad .. i can't see anyone nuking us !!

[12:22] <cloaked> that could explain why, if time travel is possible, they come back to experience it so it can be written

[12:22] <Pamela> Ireland has beautiful land.

[12:22] <Phoenix> Pamela did Titor mention Irland?

[12:22] <Pamela> whats so bad is all the beautiful places will be destroyed.

[12:22] <Pamela> not that I know of Phoenix

[12:22] <cerial> oh no !

[12:22] <BBBoris> Tazmania might be a better bet. But it will get very hot

[12:22] <cloaked> Iceland is the best place to be

[12:23] * KPAX sets mode: +v NotJohnTitor

[12:23] <ikubed> south america seems okay, yes?

[12:23] <cerial> apearently

[12:23] <HereAndNow> gah, why do i keep hearing a chime

[12:23] <Phoenix> Alexander said South America was safe from nukes

[12:23] <BBBoris> Don't fret. The entire planet will be affected one way or another in the end

[12:23] <Phoenix> someone is sending messages to you heereandnow

[12:24] <KPAX> ok who knows what JT's mission was? I know just wondering how many here know

[12:24] <HereAndNow> not that i see

[12:24] <Pamela> or he is scrolling up when someone is posting.

[12:24] <HereAndNow> hehe

[12:24] <cerial> 5100 ?

[12:24] <HereAndNow> ahhh

[12:24] <HereAndNow> cool ty pam

[12:24] <BBBoris> And why be so concerned with personal sagety? Why not be more concerned with stopping it happening?

[12:24] <KPAX> anyone?

[12:24] <Opmmur> I feel no place is safe when nukes hit and the full out will circle the world

[12:25] <Payton2152001> bbboris, I thought it was to late to stop it

[12:25] <BBBoris> Precisely

[12:25] <cerial> to get a IBM 5100 to take back to his time KPAX ???

[12:25] <Pamela> it could already be changed

[12:25] <BBBoris> Yes, but I can't help myself. It's just all so very sad

[12:26] <BBBoris> We humans only learn at the schoom of VERY hard lnocks

[12:26] <BBBoris> school

[12:26] <BBBoris> knocks

[12:26] <ikubed> perhaps they're coming back to get a team of ppl ready for the aftermath. some ppl here might be on that list.

[12:26] <Pamela> huh?

[12:26] <KPAX> ok ...the 5100 had to be deciphered so that JT could plant clues to prevent y2k ...this stopped the total colapse of the worlds econnomy but more importantly it stopped the programs from launching nukes globally

[12:27] <NotJohnTitor> Wha?

[12:27] <BBBoris> Let's avoid the cloak & dagger?

[12:27] <NotJohnTitor> Where in God's name did you get that idea Kpax?

[12:27] <KPAX> that is what his mission will remember he wnt back then forward then back then to the (then) present

[12:27] <Pamela> probably from John's book.

[12:28] <KPAX> alittle birdie told me

[12:28] <NotJohnTitor> I thought the book was a rehash of his posts more or less.....

[12:28] <cerial> haa haa haa

[12:28] <Opmmur> Y2K should have been a real problem or did a time Traveler change things?

[12:28] <Pamela> The person who said she was his mother said he came here in 1998.

[12:28] <_Shaun_> dunno about that, I think the whole TT thing suggests you can't change the future you came from by going into the past

[12:28] <Pamela> I recieved a free copy from the author

[12:28] <KPAX> Jt helped it get discovered ...that was his mission

[12:28] <Stonie> yeah you can come and join my in tasmania, it would have to be the safest place in the world

[12:29] <Pamela> I am confused myself what his real mission was.

[12:29] <KPAX> Alex has also elluded to it in his posts

[12:29] <cerial> indeed

[12:29] <Pamela> I think they have a main mission and a sub mission.


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Jan. 26, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 26 09:40:06 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[12:30] <ikubed> might take you up on that stonie - show us y' map o tazzie. ha ha ha ha

[12:30] <KPAX> folks, it is not always so much that is said but the way in which it is said

[12:30] <HereAndNow> i wonder if JT got any 'action' while he was here

[12:30] <HereAndNow> i would have

[12:30] * Phoenix has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

[12:30] <BBBoris> As trained soldiers, I think they would never tell the real purpose of their mission

[12:30] <NotJohnTitor> lmfao

[12:30] <_Shaun_> heh

[12:30] <Pamela> action?

[12:30] <Stonie> haha didnt think youd know of that joke

[12:30] <KPAX> all missions military and non-military have a proimary and secondary objective

[12:30] <Pamela> right kpax

[12:30] <HereAndNow> action pam .. think dirty =)

[12:30] <BBBoris> If indeed they even knew it. You know how the military hierarchy works. Need to know...

[12:30] <Pamela> he did tell me

[12:30] <ikubed> knew a very funny ozzie best person ive ever met, so far.

[12:31] <Pamela> primary and secondary just like you said

[12:31] <AlexanderTT> yes we all have primary and secondary, and actually the secondary is the most omportant to us

[12:31] <AlexanderTT> sorry I was gone for awhile

[12:31] <KPAX> communication with us is the secondary

[12:31] <cerial> welcome back alex

[12:31] <Pamela> welcome back alex.

[12:31] <Pamela> jinx

[12:31] <KPAX> ditto

[12:31] <Stonie> yeah well even if we get invaded by china they prob wouldnt come after tassie still, we can launch a suprise assult from here hehe

[12:31] <cerial> hehee

[12:31] <NotJohnTitor> Woudln't that make it the primary then.....

[12:31] <KPAX> no

[12:31] <cloaked> primary and secondary plans but the objective usually remains the same

[12:32] <HereAndNow> welcome back Alex

[12:32] <ikubed> they'd never see you coming.

[12:32] <NotJohnTitor> Ever been to Gulf Shores Alex?

[12:32] <cerial> alex .. may i ask a question ?

[12:32] <KPAX> ok before we start asking questions let alex revieve what has been going on

[12:32] <ikubed> howdoo alex, welcome back.

[12:32] <KPAX> review

[12:32] <cerial> ok KPAX

[12:32] <Pamela> John said his secondary was to find out everything he could about the worldline he was on.

[12:32] <Opmmur> Alexander did your TT macgine use a type of Tipler Rotating Cylinders?

[12:33] <AlexanderTT> That sounds very familier opmmur

[12:33] <AlexanderTT> I can not however give a definite yes or no

[12:34] <AlexanderTT> I know very little about the machine.

[12:34] <Pamela> why?

[12:34] <AlexanderTT> It is not my job to know

[12:34] <Pamela> its not?

[12:34] <AlexanderTT> also th C404 is preprogrammed

[12:34] <_Shaun_> not even to be able to repair it?

[12:34] <Pamela> john knew basic repair.

[12:35] <HereAndNow> alex you never did answer a very important question to me that i asked. it referred to the PM's i sent you wanting to know about ppl you knew in your time with the same last name as me

[12:35] <AlexanderTT> I can not control, can not repair it, the only thing I can do is make an emergancy jump

[12:35] * Phoenix has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[12:35] <KPAX> logoic suggests they may have a specialist with them

[12:35] <Pamela> You came with someone then

[12:35] <BBBoris> welcome back, Phoenix

[12:35] * KPAX sets mode: +o Phoenix

[12:35] <Phoenix> thanks

[12:35] <HereAndNow> wb Phoe

[12:35] <Phoenix> :)

[12:36] <NotJohnTitor> Why exactly have all of those people been given Ops?

[12:36] <cerial> i believe he came with a team pam

[12:36] <Azrual> NotJohnTitor You from Bama?

[12:36] <HereAndNow> aye, team of 12

[12:36] <NotJohnTitor> Just moved back home from Gulf Shores.

[12:36] <HereAndNow> he is the 7th of the 12

[12:36] <Pamela> a team of 12??

[12:36] <Azrual> ahh

[12:36] <AlexanderTT> I did not, the C404 is preprogramed, I am to be in the vehicle at a certain time on a certain day to go home, If I am not there It will look for me to be there on the next oppurtunity, if I am not there it will destruct

[12:36] <_Shaun_> + is just the ability to talk in a moderated channel

[12:36] <Azrual> Mobile Alabama here

[12:37] <Pamela> and he is the only one allowed on the board?

[12:37] <cloaked> 7 or 12 sound like startrek person what was her name?

[12:37] <cerial> 7 of 9

[12:37] <Azrual> Borg

[12:37] <cloaked> 7 or 9

[12:37] <Phoenix> 7 of 9

[12:37] <NotJohnTitor> So Titor kept his machine with him and you got dropped off?

[12:37] <cloaked> yes

[12:37] <HereAndNow> oh

[12:37] <KPAX> Alex could you tell us what th thics os Time Travel usage are in you time?

[12:38] <Pamela> first he has to read your words. :)

[12:38] <Pamela> kidding!

[12:38] <Azrual> haa haa haa

[12:38] <HereAndNow> hmm alex's first post said he was 1 of 12 ppl sent back

[12:38] <AlexanderTT> there is not ethics like you are thinking,ALL possible outcomes for my mission will happen on different worldlines the people who sent me will recieve someone similar to me how did his job

[12:39] <Azrual> but he is number 7

[12:39] <HereAndNow> aye

[12:39] <HereAndNow> ok i see

[12:39] <HereAndNow> i misinterpreted

[12:39] <HereAndNow> ty for clearing it up

[12:39] <AlexanderTT> there are 11 other to be here on this worldline, all with the same mission as mine

[12:39] <Azrual> np

[12:39] <KPAX> thank you alex

[12:39] <cerial> ah .. thanks for clearing that up

[12:39] <AlexanderTT> I do not know where they are, I can not speak to them

[12:39] <NotJohnTitor> Were you all shunted together or did you all have seperate machines?

[12:40] <HereAndNow> alex you never did answer a very important question to me that i asked. it referred to the PM's i sent you wanting to know about ppl you knew in your time with the same last name as me. sorry to keep askin that. . but i feel it has been overlooked 2 times now

[12:40] <Pamela> 11 people all doing different things? how do you control the results?

[12:40] <Opmmur> Alex who invented the time machine and in which year?

[12:40] <AlexanderTT> ok...let me try to explain this

[12:40] <NotJohnTitor> Good question

[12:40] <Pamela> opmmur he cannot answer that.

[12:40] <cloaked> since time travel is possible is teleportation also possible?

[12:40] <Pamela> protection for the inventor

[12:40] <AlexanderTT> We do not leave all at the same time, but are dstination is the same period of time

[12:41] <Azrual> thats what one of my questions was

[12:41] <AlexanderTT> teleportation is still being investigated, no practicall uses yet

[12:41] <Pamela> how do you travel from city to city?

[12:41] <ikubed> alex, any news on future european leaders?

[12:42] <Azrual> Are Social Security Numbers still used in 2039 for identity purposes?

[12:42] <Phoenix> one at a time people

[12:42] <cloaked> one would think they would go hand and hand and practical uses would obsolete planes tarins and cars

[12:42] <Azrual> sorry to spam

[12:42] <AlexanderTT> How do you travel? the only difference is the high speed trains being built, new tracks are up everyday

[12:42] <Pamela> yes John mentioned the high speed trains.

[12:42] <cloaked> wouldn't teleportation be a more viable means of transpotation?

[12:42] <NotJohnTitor> Where?

[12:43] <NotJohnTitor> Where did he mention high speed trains?

[12:43] <cerial> jus a susgestion .. but if a question is asked maybe wait till the answer is given before asking another ?

[12:43] <AlexanderTT> but can you teleport to the same worldline? no, not yet, the way I arrived is a form of teleportation

[12:43] <Phoenix> yes

[12:43] <BBBoris> High speed trains have existed in France since 1980

[12:43] <Pamela> I was testing alex when I asked him that question. sorry.

[12:43] <cerial> and remember to account for lag !

[12:43] <BBBoris> And Japan

[12:44] <KPAX> - Alex -is there any truth in the story of Andrew Carlssin who caimed to be a TT

[12:44] <cloaked> ok I see then the dynamics are about the same just not acuurate enough

[12:44] [cerial:#TimeTravellersInn PING]

[12:44] <AlexanderTT> not familier with that story KPAX

[12:44] <KPAX> ty

[12:44] <AlexanderTT> maybe I just don't remember the name

[12:44] <NotJohnTitor> Not very familiar with Titor's either.....