All of my Theories


All of my Theories

Here I go!

Time Time Travel isn't really TIME Travel, but, more so, "World" Travel, because "Time" is non-existent.

A Black Hole or a Wormhole is a gaping hole into another "world", and a "Time" Machine just lets you physically pass through one of those. Since I don't know ANY Physics(well, except Thermal Energy and the 3 laws of Newton), I can't elaborate...All I can say is the amount of "worlds" passed through is somewhat like this equation.

Let a=Speed of Light
2a=2 "worlds" passed through, 3a= 3 "worlds" passed through, etc.
(by the way, the Speed of Light is my base for speed/velocity measurements)

(VVVVVVV This, in my eyes, is stupid...VVVVVV)

Astral Projection, on the other hand, sends your body through the path of "Time" that your "world" is going by currently. There are more variables by every second you go, because things can be changed.

Astral Projection keeps you on your own "Time"line, and is indefinite, but goes to the future.

"Time" Travel sends you into another "world", in which what is happening is in the present for that "world", but not for yours...The other "world" has a different Timeline, but there are many more.

Let's take this...
Let a=If my foot goes to sleep(interesting )
Let b=If my foot doesn't go to sleep

For every world with a, there is a world with b.
a/x~b/x(Not sure about that, I'm just losing my train of thought)

Personally, I would do Astral Projection, and if it looks bad in the near future, I would "jump"(go between "worlds") to another world...And take my family with me.


I believe that a world is created every moment...

A new world per (insert measurement here) would mean that there were worlds that are still going through the revolution, some that are going through the renaissance, and even some that are going through the apocalypse(of the human race)!

We are stuck in one of these worlds...That makes John Titor's story and others possible, but not always true...

I think that, in the beginning, there were two worlds created-at the same time. They were exactly opposite, and created more of themselves, with each creation getting closer to the others. It kept going, and going, until they each had a new world EXACTLY the same as the other's original, and that is what we call the apocalypse...

How to Open up a Black Hole-
Use a particle accelerator to slam a photon into a top quark. The Photon must be spinning in the opposite direction of the top quark.

It will make the Top Quark spin faster than the speed of light, opening up a Black Hole.

All properties can only be counted as on Earth.

The Earth spins at about 220,000 mph, so any type of test we take on it is wrong for the Universe, that is why what we do on Earth is imperfect in the Universe.

Simply put, this theory is easily understood, but in reality, it is a powerful one.

Find a container that can somehow spin anything being examined at EXACTLY that Earth's spin, negate the gravitational effect of the sun, moon, and all other planets by the area of which they are in(all meteors and such included), negate the air pressure, and all other variables...

Though it seems easy, it is virtually impossible, and would be much easier to do in space, auto-negating the Earth's air pressure and Gravitational pull, in fact, negating the Earth's spin too! (by the way, this was my relativity...before I learned of it)


There are many means of Time Travelling; Astral Projection, TUE(which I might just be misinformed about), etc. Steven Gibbs has a "working" HDR, but there are still ways to travel through time.

The reason is...Space-Time is warped! Since there are so many warpings, so many types of matter, etc., there are different types of travel! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you could Time Travel by being in the center of the "stem" of a musroom bomb(the barrel type thing)!

There will never be ONLY one way to travel, maybe a standard way, but not ONLY one way. For instance, the Standard Units of Measurement are flawed to me, because I use LS(Light Speed) to measure speeds in scientific terms, not Meters Per Second.

It's like Microsoft!(hehe, an interesting comparison)There are billions of ways to do ONE thing! I bet you could find another way to split an atom, another way to convert types of energies into other types of energies, etc.

Everything is right, and yet everything is wrong.

Matter and Antimatter, Energy and Antienergy, the Universe is infinitely symmetrical. Maybe our universe is totally Matter, and another Universe(an AntiUniverse) is totally Antimatter(and Antienergy, of course).

But, putting that aside, Antimatter should exist in our universe...The Three Dimensional universe. If it does, it would have MANY properties, exactly the opposite of matter. If it WAS truly opposite to matter, and matter HAPPENS to warp space-time, according to the great Dr. Einstein, then Antimatter must "de-warp" it to the exact same extent.

Could Time be a Wave, only one that effects EVERYTHING, not just everything but matter?

Could Time also be a beam, which would make it like light, with beam and wave properties?

I was just thinking about it while reading...I came up with the possibility of a particle for Time, which then would have an antiparticle counterpart, therefore an object effected by the "antiwave" or "antibeam" of this particle would go back in Time!

Could it be that Nostradamus and all other prophets just chose one possible vision, out of many(variables), and they were lucky/rational enough to get them right?

That is called Non-linear Theory(well, I call it that), and it can also be explained by free will. If someone told you that you would sneeze in 5 seconds, you would hold your nose, and tell them that they were wrong, right? A better example is, if someone told you that you were to *** in 5 minutes, would you try to avoid it(probably causing you to *** of a heart attack caused of paranoia, or something of the sort, but htat doesn't matter)? If avoiding it worked, either the person who told you these things is a very abnormal man, or you changed the course of the future, for better or for worse.

Could it be that the prophets only saw one vision, and just sometimes interpreted it wrong?

How about fate? If someone tells you that you * in 10 seconds, try as you will, you will somehow come to an end?

This is called Linear theory(again, by my mouth), and is horribly general. If you were to *** in 10 seconds, and the person told you that you were to fall off of a building(and he WAS NOT lying), you could k*** yourself immediately, and prove him wrong. Therefore, this is Non-linear theory, which basically disproves Linear theory completely.(Well, that wasn't REALLY an explanation, but it shows you how it works)

Anyway, for all those who are too lazy to read that, here is a picture.

The picture wouldn't go throught, so here is the link.

Note that not all of the branches on the second theory come to a halt at that point, there are some places where that happens(deth/Yes, I know I misspelled it, I;m afraid of the censor) earlier then at the full-end point, which is the point at which all of the branches have ended.(Actually, that was an error that I realized on my 'artwork', and made into this)
(no picture for you, though you will see that I am a subscriber to linear format)

I can't say how it started, but I have a feeling(yeah, yell at me all you like, but I 'thorize', if that makes you feel better.) that the Universe is just a circle.(racetrack-y) With one start and no end. It begins, and keeps going around, with the beginning of another 'Universe' and the end of the previous one at the end of the lap. I believe that our 'Big Bang' was no more that a stupid civilization, like ours() accidentally opened a Singularity...or stupidly tried to make the wohole Universe travel through Time because the end was coming. The Singularity then got loaded with the Universe's mass, and collapsed, expannding infentisimally in the process...A new Universe began, conserving EVERYTHING that was there before.

...A new solution to all of Cosmology! (lol, this is probably all wrong)


I think that Electromagnetism is just two forces put together in one category. Gravity attracts all, and another force repels all.

Since you can never have a purity between the Gravitational pull being givien off, and the x force(repulsion force) being given off, you get charges. - is more Gravity, and + is more x force. The - is attracted to the x force because it wants to be even, and balanced...Otherwise it would (somehow) break down into three balanced particles.

Weak Force:

Weak force is only energy packets in the form of waves being given off as communication to other particles. The energy packets are not charged, and each time energy packets are given off, the one that gives them off loses mass (I am accepting einstein's e=mc^2) equal to the energy given off divided by the speed of light^2.

The one that gets the packet gains energy equal to the energy recieved divided by the speed of light^2.

Weak force only occurs between patrticles of different mass, to even each other out.

Strong Force:

Strong force is pure Gravity. The center of the nucleus is actually the one that gives off the gravity, because it is pure. The 'protons' counteract it by having an excess of x force. Therefore, in antiatoms, the center must give off pure x force, with the 'protons' charged with an excess of gravity.


Either you accept my original Electromagnetism theory, or you can go with this one.

Gravity is just waves being given off to pull another object closer, with space-time(dimension) acting as an aether, it attracts matter and pushes antimatter away. X force, I guess, is the opposite, and the waves are pushing the matter away, while attracting the antimatter.

Also, could antimatter be packets of antienergy with the opposite of all of these theories?
In Einstein's theories, especially the theory of special relativity, it states that nothing can move faster than light because it would be compressed at the speed of light to a mass of nothing! Here is the introduction to Antimatter.

Antiparticles are actually tachyons, Anti-energy is energy that moves faster than the speed of light. Why, you ask? Because they are compressed to a level of...NEGATIVITY! If they are negative, and particles are positive, then 1-1=...0! Therefore giving the idea of antimatter!

But not only is that the only interesting thing...As you get closer to the speed of light, what happens to you? Time slows down. What happens to the people around you? Time speeds up. Since I stated that Antiparticles are tachyons(particles moving faster than the speed of light), then what happens to them BECAUSE they move faster than the speed of light? They go slowly as they go faster and faster. What happens to the particles around them? THEY GO BACK IN TIME! What does the observer see? THE PARTICLES GOING BACK IN TIME! Therefore, Antimatter is the key to Time Travel.

An addition to my theory.

Antimatter could just run in more than 3 dimensions, and there could be types of matter that run in 3 or more dimensions, with only antimatter for the types of matter here.

If it runs in many dimensions, then our 3 dimensional tools would never be able to detect the 4+ dimension matter/antimatter...That could be our main problem!

The pole theory could possibly be true...(Theory off of Mainstream theory)But an e- absorbs Weak force as the Quark loses it. the Quark changes, and therefore gets smaller. When the Quark changes, less E force is applied, because it changes into a Neutron. Since the e- has more energy now, it moves up a level. Now, to my theory. The spinning Nucleus produces a double-positive electromagnetic charge(spin+Proton domination). The e-'s are attracted to this, so they are stabilized...Nothing to do with Gravity. The spinning of the nucleus produces a variation of a M Field, and that field has two South Poles at the ends, and two North Poles in the center. Since everything is attracted to the South(the atom spins south-bound), and it is repelled from the North to the South, but it is a short range M Field. The e-'s are attracted to the south poles, and cannot move to the center, so the go in a sort of an oval orbit, being accelerated by the push to the South by the North. The effect only ocurs in that shell, and that is the reason for two electrons in the shell...

If you didn't get the reason out of that, here is the reason... When the e-'s are pushed toward the South by repulsion, they go in an ovular orbit. When they hit the center, they get repelled into the second shell, which actually truly has eight in it at all times...Because the second shell recieves more weak attraction. The poles are the size of an electron.

Gravitons are theoretical particles that give off Gravitational fields.

I won't explain it to you guys, because you already know about them.

Now....To the topic!

If Gravitons are distributed, then if you had 5 chunks of matter with a mass of 1 and a potential energy level of 1, all at the exact same orbit and exact same distance from you, with no other effects, then they should never change, correct?

If you add 1 more chunk of matter with the same properties, would they change? Nope.

Well, if you add a few billion chunks of matter(provided that the object has a high mass) with the same properties, wouldn't the change be evident? It should, but the orbits STILL don't change.

How about if you add a few billion more chunks? No change.

Therefore, Gravitons CAN'T be distributed, because the orbit's don't change...Do we get farther off the ground when space dust gathers on the ground? NO!

The only Graviton survival technique left is the thory that the mass of Gravitons IS 0...Not 'too small to be measured'. That would say that Gravitons are infinite in any given body, which would mean that everything has Gravitational Colapse, or that there are only the amount of Gravitons as mass..Which would prove this whole theory incorrect, and what I am supporting currently.

The two electons on the first energy shell is a big problem being given to science...This is my solution.

The electrons, as you may suppose, repel each other...But I am saying that they travel in pairs, because both are attracted to the other, and they spin around the nucleus...

The nucleus spins, firing photons in all directions. These photons hit the photons being given off by the electrons, therefore making them attract each other.

If there were three or four, (three) one electron would be repelled at any given time, going in the opposite direction of the other two, and (four) electrons would pair off, and go in opposite directions.
Reverse Gravity being the force applied on the body that gives off the gravity, that if you put a ball next to a mountain, the ball comes near that mountain(minisculely), and the mountain(since it is SO much more massive) move even more minisculely away from the ball. That is why more massive bodies don't get effected by reverse gravity when they attract other objects... If you place two exact same balls next to each other, they wouldn't move, because the gravity and reverse gravity applied would cancel out all motion...otherwise, if only gravity were applied, then they would move together, slowly but surely.

(just telling you)

To prove this, one can put a box next to a much more massive object, and use amazingly 'lab-type' measurements.

I can imagine that:

Rg being reverse gravity,


>>>Sorry if that seems incorrect. I threw out the paper that I had
the equation on.<<<

Or something of the sort.


Sorry if I stated the mathematical equations wrong.. My root equation was screwed up because I accidentally threw out the paper that I had the correct one on.. I think this one is the same, but there is a possibility of error.

I meant for the Reverse Gravity to be a VERY minute force...It shouldn't overdo Gravity, that is why we can only find Gravity in our tests. If you put two objects on a seesaw in a vacuum with no gravity applying to them, except for each others, and you made it so the balls would have to roll EXACTLY into position for the seesaw to be even, they wouldn't. There would be a TINY force moving the object away, but the Gravitational force would win it over.

Like antimatter. It is VERY rare, but the universe is symmtrical, so there must be another Universe out there made totally out of antimatter, and little specs of matter. This force is just like antimatter(in scarcity).

(this plays into my theory)
QUOTE (Resomb @ Apr 22 2004, 11:18 PM)

I would need to see some new equations to understand. What you posted in that other post is flawed. So if you can find your other equations I would gladly look over them. Right now though I would have to lean towards the tests I have run in vacuumous space. I have seen nothing that would or could be characterized as reverse gravity.

I personally tend to think that space provides the reverse gravity you are talking about. I have been thinking and working on some stuff to show that nothing (this is an often used term, but rarely understood; and by it I mean space) can actually be applying an expansion force on all matter. I am not to the point that I have a theory, but I was thinking about pressure. Mass under high pressure will move towards low pressure. But pressure requires mass for it to be understood i.e. air pressure, water pressure. What if space void of mass is constantly trying to expand. This could actually explain gravity to some degree, think of it as air moving over an airfoil; it too does not apply force in the direction you would think. The space tries to expand past the mass and must accelerate to get around the mass. I am just thinking out loud here.

I do understand though that you are taking the mental leap to try and explain something that the scientific community cannot come to agreement over; so I will defend your right to think about it, especially when someone just basically says...this is stupid.

Actually, I can state what you are saying in an equation...

Anyway, what you are saying is PERFECTLY correct. No flaws.

The Universe expands, and therefore everything inside it expands too!



U(er)=Universe's expansion rate,

M(er)=Mass's expansion rate, equal to the Universe's.

x=Since it is relative to the universe's mass, you need to divide by a number to get the actual mass.(constant)

Actually, those equations are correct.

They are just in the point of 'view' of the more massive object. Wherever the more massive object goes, the less massive one goes. When the more massive object moves anywhere, it is positive(since it is its point of view), but the Reverse Gravity applied to it is LESS than the less massive object's(b/c it has more mass)(I'm also talking as if less Grav. force applied, and that Rg is larger than G). When the less massive object moves away, it becomes negative compared to the more massive object!


(quoting someone that gave the balloon expansion example)
You cannot explain it that way, because the points are not related to the balloon(unless they're drawn on).

If they are drawn on, please, tell me, DO THEY EXPAND?
Yes! They do! Therefore proving my theory correct.

If they are not(drawn on), then they have no meaning, because they are two separate objects...Like two universes, one expands, and the other doesn't.

For instance, when you post on this forum, it gains a post, and so do you. You are saying that the forum only gains a post and that you don't.

Mass does NOT have Gravity, Gravity has Mass!

Gravity is not the bending of space-time, it is what causes it. Basically, a point on the plance of space-time has the same gravity as only itself, because there is a distortional disturbance. Now, any point on that plane has a gravity. This Gravity is basically not a force, but the thread of space-time, which means it is Energy! Energy is attracted to this, because Gravity pushes in towards the center, so if an object attracts this Energy, it becomes a 'pile' of energy, therefore distorting it! Thus the plane contracts, telling how the Universe seems to expand.

If an object has a larger area of centrifical Gravity (the area of the points on the plane), it attracts more energy. Gravitational collapse is caused by a bigger CG than the energy attracted, therefore pulling it in harder, therefore causing an anamolous distortion of space-time. An actual 'hole' in space time could only happen if the CG=infinity, and EA (energy attracted)=0.

The Zero Point of two bodies is where the Gravitational Forces cancel out, creating no Graviational Push.

The Zero Point of Gravity would be closer to the smaller body, and the Zero Point of Reverse Gravity would be closer to the larger.

You can test this by using these equations and placing an object in between two bodies, one in the exact center and one where my equations predict(the two bodies would have to be equal to their counterparts in the other experiment.). You can then check where the bodies have moved.


Yes, I know most of you have heard that Brain Waves exist, and occur on different frequencies, am I correct? Well, I wouldn't really call them Brain Waves, but Universal Waves...The connectors of Sound Waves and Light Waves(mass waves included). If you can hear yourself when you think, then don't you think you give off a Sound resonance at the frequency that you think in..? If you give that off, your ear is obviously going to pick it up, but others won't because the Brain Wave is subject to a changing to an Electromagnetic Wave(actually, I call it a Light Wave...bah)..Like a decaying of some sort in frequency. If this happens, then we may connect Sound Waves to Light Waves(Electromagnetic+Mass Waves), thus giving you...something.

I have discovered, after being horribly bored in a flight over to Arizona(where I am right now), that for you to go back into the past, your atoms and particles and such would go back too.

If that happened, then, after you've gone back far enough, your atoms would not have arranged into you, and they would be part of something else, some part of a tree, etc.

If you don't understand it like that, then think of it this way...

Your atoms are a line on the plane of Time. Each of them are their own, and they are not parallel. They meet at your creating, with new atoms joining every second. It looks like thousands of lines meeting, which is normal. Since all of these lines have met, it looks bold. You are the bold. Once you die, there will be a few years until you become less and less bold, until you finally don't exist. I guess you can call yourself a 'meeting of many very-close-to-parallel lines'. You can go back and forth, but existence will NOT only be going back with you. Your body and other's will be going back, thus you won't be a 'bystander' so to speak, where you are in your present condition in the past, and such... You will be in the form that your particles give you, unless they are disbanded, thus leaving you unalive, yet in existence...Because, according to my philosophy, if something will exist in the future, it exists now, it existed yesterday, and it will exist tommorrow. The same applies to the future(the theory).

Also, another example would be:

Think of yourself as a line, a vertical line passing up through the horizontal planes of Time. Each plane represents a measure of Time. The line represents your existence. You can move back and forth on this line, but not past it. You will not exist past it, and you won't be able to interact in a normal way.

Rules for having a Dimension(my own):

1. The Dimension MUST be absolute, and not have ANYTHING fit into another Dimension's.
2. The Dimension must be relative to the observer.
3. The Dimension must have something in reality, anything, fit into it.
4. The Dimension does not have to be independent. (in the case of Length, Width, and Depth)
5. The Dimension must be in the realm of sanity(:-p, that means no crazy dimensions).

Add others.

The only reason I did that is to prove that Light and Position are Dimensions, because they follow all that is on that chart...
(replying to someone else's theories)
2 is also 'repulsed' as I would say(though not a very beautiful choice of words) by mine that Gravity is a sink in time(THANK GOD THAT I FOUND THE CORRECT WORD, FINALLY!), and Reverse Gravity is a rise in time. Gravity goes backwards, due to the slowing of time, which means that Gravity 'slows down' an objects 'rest velocity'. Reverse Gravity 'speeds up' an objects 'rest velocity' thus speeding up the speed that it passes through time. Thus the bumps.

A Black Hole can be a big sink, or an actual hole if it's escape velocity is over the 'limit' of the speed of both sides. We call that the speed of light, but it could be faster. A White Hole is a big rise, or a big hole. It gives off Reverse Gravity.(assuming Black + White are opposites) It basically sends you ahead in time, whereas a Black Hole sends you back.
(explaining why things from other times are different(times=dimensions))

The artifact would be moving parallel to that time's 'speed'.

That is why.
(explaining MY teleportation)
Teleportation is use of two connected Black Holes, or a series of Black Holes that are all connected that lead in circles. Of course, # of Black Holes= # of White Holes. Thus, no change in time.

Ok, my outrageous claim on the other board( that an object expands when the Universe expands was wrong. When an object relative to the Universe expands, so does the Universe, but the Universe can expand without the object. Now, to the Universe's expanding.

The Universe has said to expand in MASS. If the Universe expands in MASS, another object within it would have to expand in MASS also. If that happens, the total will be greater, and thus the killing of the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy(of course, MASS=Mass-Energy). Either these crazy astronomers stick with their outrageous claims, or they find out that the Universe's expansion(in Mass) is impossible.

Imagine Time as a plane. An infinite plane, where you are on. Imagine yourself(imagine yourself wholly the same point, moving at the same speed) as a ball above this plane. You are rolling fast enough to get exactly 1 second per second...Or are you?

The plane of Time is actually moving at the constant, which we call the speed of light! You are moving just fast enough to hit 1 second per second. If you accelerate, you will be moving faster than one second per second, or less than one second per second. If you slow down, you will be moving slower than one second per second, or more than one second per second.(And oh by the way, your 'rest point', so to speak, is one second per second.)

That is an explanation to my theory of Time-Space Interactions With Moving Bodies.


There are all of my theories for you!
We need this guy back, pronto. He's clearly a thinker and knows what can and cannot be physically possible. This site needs more smart people.