Anomolous Gravitational Effects


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Anomolous Gravitational Effects

Title: Anomolous Gravitational Effects and Their Relationship to "Planetary Alignment Cycles"

Abstract: For years now we have observed the starnge effects that planetary alignment cycles have upon our solar system that appears to propagate gravitational waves, which in turn cause a "ripple effect" which permeates throughout our entire galaxy. What causes these cycles are yet unknown, but many theories have been postulated that contribute to the equal & opposing forces which rin turn are a direct response from the vortex movement of our spiral galaxy that generates this enignmaic force.
We also have noticed similarities like these not only within our macro-universe, but these forces also seem apparent within the micro-universe which seems to be reproduced by some form of enignamic universal symetrey. The same forces seem to have an anomolous effect which vary in degrees along specific points along our geo-electromagnnetic grid, known by others as "Ley-Lines" which appear to create some peculiar lensing effect.
The lensing effect interacting with the pulse of the planetary resonance appears to alter these gravitational forces which bring about divergences within our weather and many other gelogical patterns such as sesmic and volcanic activities.
These planetary alignment cycles do not appear to be limited to that of our solar system alone, or by exterior movement. As we look deeper within each planetary body, again we observe the same universal symetry with respect to relationship it has within their internal mechanisims, thus aligning themselves within layers, or "Planetary Shells" that also appear to be cyclical.
By closer observation, I speculate that we will discover that these internal planetary alignments serve the purpose of havesting outside energy forces to ensure that the spinning core continues to replensh itself to prevent the collapse of theie geo-magnetic grid which is the unifying force responsible for containing it's own unique atmosphere from falling out into space which others believe what may have happened on Mars eons ago as a result of close contact from passing planetary bodies disrupting the balance of these forces. I further conclude that one of the methods of havesting outside energies to replenish the internal core enrgy requirement may be directly associated to these anomolous "Vortex Mystery Spots" which open up in order to draw their energy from their own atmospheric environmental chambers which are plentiful in positively charged current, and various other energies from solar activity.
There have been a series of reports pertaining to deep internal holes, such as the case of the famous "Mel's Hole" which I believe is a direct correlation to these vortex mystery spots scattered about our planet. During the cyclical event that our planet must recharge its internal machinery, it is suggested that during this preperation, a series of these vortex holes will re-open to prepare for this event, and as the internal shells deep within our planet begin to align, there will be an new ploarity determination once this internal movement comes to rest. After this ne internal polarity is determined, the earth will thus begin to "right itself" externally within it's current position in the solar system, this would thus explain the anicient legends as reported by the Hopi Indians, and many other cultural fortellings of re-occuring "Polar Shifts" that have been reported to occurr every so often, as approx. 36,000 yrs. which is yet to be determined.

Summary: In respect to Richard Hoglands Hyperdimensional Model, it may be that there is a distinguishable pattern to these events and their direct association as to how they effect the geo-electromagnetic grid patterns of planetary bodies. We have already observed great potential in artificial weather control devices such as in the case of the Alaska based HARRP device based upon Nicola Tesla's works, therefore it may be possible to learn from this hyperdimensional model to effect change in order to establish a balance of our earths grid.
If any conditions would give rise for a need to alter, or modify our planetary grid in order to maintain, or restore order due to un-intended local, or non-local environmental conditions that would disrupt this "Balance" we must discover a means to restore that balance if we wish to ensure preservation of our biological life lest we end up loosing our atmosphere!
Please be advised that this is a new theory and is subject to change as new data becomes available, also this theory is intended for information only, and is exclusive intellectial property of the author as signed, and witnessed by several collegues.
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---Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research

For those who missed the broadcast, or do not have computer access & 'Streamlink' audio...

You can hear Richard Hoagland explaining Bill Alek's Research Measurements using the Accutron watch developed for the lunar exploration Astronauts and his custom designed equipment 'including' my Theory on Tue. November 9th's Broadcast on Coast-to-Coast AM Radio here...

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, I received the following email from an associate
Physicist from Russia, who reviewed my Gravitational Theory...

From: "Albert V. Nickitin"
To: "Gary Voss"
Subject: Re: Anomolous Gravitational Effects and Their Relationship to "Planetary Alignment Cycles"
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 03:00:36 +0300
I thank, that You do not overlook about me. It is especially pleasant for me after I had pleasure to see Your fair and intellectual person in photos kindly sent to me. I do not doubt, that You concern to representatives of "aryan" race - lineal descendants of "gods" (from their marriages with Terrestrial women), as well as I from the nobiliary family tree. :)

I am constantly grateful for everyone curious or the helpful information. However, magnanimously I ask You to not forget, that I am only the modest EXPERIMENTER, which as "hunting dog" it is anxious only with a pursuit of extraction. My "extraction" - achievement of the concrete given purpose, that is "teleportation" in the near future. At the same time, - as the experimenter, - I have, in particular, three features, vile - bad possession of English - the fourth feature :-( :

1. I quite am guided in logic and given a modern science: from MAYAN and EGYPTIAN architecture and mythologies - up to modern "theories" cosmology and quantum electrodynamics. Naturally, being the layman in difficult theories, I do not own the smallest details. But it does not prevent me in development of the project, planning of experiments. When something will prevent also is required to learn, I at once shall understand what exactly. Also I shall ask You about it immediately . :)

2. Not for the sake of bragging, and for clearness of the information safely I can count myself " the experimenter from the God ": to me has repeatedly had the luck in practice and theoretically to reach such results, which theorists before considered impossible.

3. Anyway, at me " in hands " is really, - what is English for?, - "Fire-Bird" or " the Bird of Happiness ". Believe me, I actually have the circuit of the device for reception of huge density of energy (10^12-10^14 W/cm^3) in an environment of "bubble" which can be transformed either in UFO, or into " the parallel world ", or in the new Universe....

. . . . . . . . . . .

Now - about those data which You have kindly shared with me.

I long since and much heard about similar representations. It is necessary to concern to experimental data, it seems to me, with respectful attention, laboriously to accumulate them and to systematize. But hasty conclusions from this are allowable only behind friendly informal conversation in not to working conditions - after several glasses of whisky (or other drink) :) :) :)

The paleontology and geology, history and other sciences have very long time ago established cyclicity of the mentioned processes on the Earth, including for glacial ages and periodic "spasmodic" reorientation of a magnetic field of the Earth. Therefore, if to speak only about a climate and insignificant on the importance to destiny of mankind (on the Earth we already the fifth "RACE", four were lost completely) here there is no need to involve galactic interactions. Other business if to speak about influence of inhabitants of the Earth on the Galaxy! As not fantastically, such influence may take place, or already was...

One does not contradict another, and "starts" of spacecrafts through original teleportation "StarGate" quite may show as though jet influence on area to which there was a start. In the text of mine "Project" procedure of transition is described. So have left from the Earth "gods". Jet influence was. Not without reason ancient MAYAN leaders quiveringly long observed in constellations, and then with bitterness have informed: " Gods have absolutely left us! "

It is a pity, that You have not paid attention to essence of my project. The main thing in it, that firstly may cause mistrust is opportunity of creation of huge vortical density of energy (the rest, I hope, all is elementary and convincing?). Rather recently in TAP-TEN Junkmail passed discussion of work of one of members of group - just concerning opportunities of creation huge specific vortical energes:

4510 Re: Reply to Mike about high-spin vortex energies...

<> etc

Guesses of the author about "infinity" of increase of energy of a vortexes correct. However there are difficulties with experimental acknowledgement (in the aspect necessary to us) - owing to absence of the account of the extremely important boundary conditions of a task. If to lower concretenesses " know how ", the essence here consists in the following:

1. Vortexes are formed and develop in the liquid-gas environment which is a labile continuum, this property is transferred also to everyone their separate vortex.

Therefore each vortex is the parametrical resonator, capable to be adjusted on different frequencies - in process of change of the configuration. Besides this resonator may select energy of anyone necessary to it making Furie-decomposition of a signal from consumed energy.

2. Anybody from participants of discussion has not mentioned the major making boundary conditions - an interface between a vortex and environment / the next vortexes. It really depresses... Without such account all reasonings about vortex at the best may remind LeFonten's fables :)

It is difficult to doubt that the stream of energy acts to vortex through superficial border of the unit with an environment. It not the MATHEMATICAL surface, and " dividing layer ", having final thickness. Only such representations are correct, they are formulated still Gibbs.

Let's designate " dividing layer " as <1>, and volume of a vortex through <2>.

Then the stream of energy from <1> to <2> will be carried out due to alignment of potentials Gibbs - if G1> G2. Further (it is simplified - stylized, owing to the limited opportunities e-mail the editor): Further (it is simplified - stylized, owing to the limited opportunities e-mail the editor):

G1 = Go1 + RT1 lnCi1 (1)

(Go1 - potential of a matrix of a continuum, Ci1 - concentration partial

components of environment (for example, ions, electrons....etc ), T1 - absolute

temperature, deg. K)

G2 = Go2 + RT2 lnCi2 (1)

(designations ? appropriate)

P.S. Still in passing we shall remind, that is simplified THERMAL ENERGY (P=Const) is expressed as CpT.

Now we shall present, that G1 > G2 (a necessary condition, it is provided with submission of energy to system as a whole), but not for account T and C, and because G1 > > G2. Thus T1 < T2, Ci1 < Ci2.

G1 Should decrease, raising vortex energy G2 - under the law of thermodynamics. But dynamic time the structure of environment is those, that Go1 may not decrease (layers "do not mix up"). Therefore the exchange of energy occurs in such a manner that thermal energy passes from area with LOW temperature in area of HIGH temperature (T1 even more decreases, and T2 it is increased). The same with concentration Ci - the substance "is more and more condensed", as (at first sight, contrary to routine concepts of inhabitants of a science) passes from area of its LOW concentration in area HIGH. For concentration the situation for a long time was described by me in not a confidential seal - in Reports of the Academy of sciences. As to temperatures, if not to penetrate into details, this situation basically is habitual for PLASMA: well-known, plasma has some temperatures (for its "easy" and "heavy" components). Thus nonequilibrium structures (dynamic), not submitting to Maxwell's distribution are formed. I heard, that in Russia the VORTEX-Corporation on this principle makes even household refrigerators - as we now do not have governmental orders for serious scientific development :-(

Thus, offered by me - the real prospect which has been checked up by experiments and calculations. Besides I was no time have travelled all Country before has found data necessary for me on the necessary GENERATOR which to me and managed to be thought up. I have travelled majority MHD of institutes of the Country... And to much at them has learned.

As to "teleportation" (not suitable term, but the best is not present) are possible, opening secret of my belief, not two, but three variants of results:

1. The new Universe is created and you - in it "God" (" The God of 6 days created the World, and on the seventh has decided to have a rest ") . For this purpose energy is necessary for "chain" reaction.

2. "Bubble" UFO with which help you move is created and work miracles with reduction of time.

3. I did not mention the third opportunity. It is transition in the next spaces, layered type. They have arisen from "bubbles" which have spread on our universe and have a barrier in which transitions are sometimes shown. Occasionally the worlds long exist in the connected kind, from here a generality of a nature and people. There were both dragons, and other... " Snow people " and other ghosts therefrom pass - through corridors which we also may try to reproduce.

. . . . .

Concerning Your warning:

?Please be advised that this is a new theory and is subject to change as new data becomes available, also this theory is intended for information only, and is exclusive intellectial property of the author as signed, and witnessed by several collegues.? - The right, it would be possible to not speak it, for it is offensive for any talented Russian scientist. Though we perish now, but all the same on intelligence, honour and advantage in tens times we surpass anyone living on the Earth... : - ( )

With sincere respect

Albert Nickitin


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Anomolous Gravitational Effects

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Anomolous Gravitational Effects

Ah, Brother, I see you finally got that scotch I bought for you. Excellent is it not?

Did you just drop something?

Hmmm, this is Celestial Mechanics 1-B right?


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Anomolous Gravitational Effects

???? Iggy??? Do you have a temperature?? YOU not diving wholeheartedly into formulas??

Did we just land in a new time line and the Iggy here is a different one?


Anomolous Gravitational Effects

I know I know...just this UFO stuff. Argh. Nobody cares about an alien race. I would rather come up with a solution to the universe's making than ask the aliens what it is. If people are so cuaght up in the intelligence of the human race, then why are they interested in the alien race? To make more weapons?

Unless people think time will run out...

Anyway, this stuff doesn't matter to me, and that equation is probably incorrect. And an alien race won't change if Gravity is weaker than Electromagnetism...


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Anomolous Gravitational Effects


Here is something fun to think about. There are a great many people out there on Internet that care very much about life else where in this Universe. Let's suppose for a moment that their care is not in vain and ET does really exist.

Let's also suppose that their race is hundreds of thousands of years old because they have realized it's cheaper to get along with each other and a heck of a lot more fun being able to explore all those galaxies out there and play with formulas than it is in dodging blasts from ray guns.

Now, with all those years in playing with all those formulas, do you suppose that they might be much closer to answers than we have come? Just because they have discovered them first does not mean that the answers are wrong.

And you are right, there are always going to be 'Bad Men' out there that want nothing more than to take advanced technology and turn it into a new weapon of some sorts when all it did in the beginning was take the starch out of Galactic Uniforms fresh from the cleaners.