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First published on Tuesday 21 December 1999:
Banned from being a director for seven years
A WOOLSTON man has been banned from acting as a company director for seven years in the High Court of Justice, Manchester.

Michael Francis Mazurkiewicz, of Berkshire Drive, was disqualified for his conduct as a director of three companies, Treble M Mining Ltd, F Marks (Plant Hire) Ltd and Raynstock Ltd, each of which traded from his home address.

Treble M Mining Ltd traded as an open cast mining contractor and plant hirer from October 1995 until January 1997 and was wound up by the courts on July 23, 1997, with estimated debts of ?232,400. F Marks (Plant Hire) Ltd traded from late 1993 until January 1997 as a plant hire contractor. It was wound up by the courts on July 14, 1997, with estimated debts of ?97,979. Raynstock Ltd traded from April 15, 1994, until January 1, 1996, as a plant hire contractor and was wound up by the courts on April 17, 1996, with estimated debts of ?65,232.

The court found that Mr Mazurkiewicz's matters of unfit conduct included failing to cooperate with the Official Receiver, failing to submit VAT returns and the retention of money due to the Inland Revenue totalling ?29,649.

The court order prevents Mr Mazurkiewicz from being a director of a company and, in any way, directly or indirectly, being concerned in or taking part in the promotion, formation or management of a company for the next seven years.