Armageddon. Does it make Jesus rather evil?

Gnostic Christian

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and i cant say there was a real support in my case from the gnostic community, they do not care at all. Maybe the gnostic god should just die in a few years and the atomic bomb should nuke turkey triggering a third WW between the USA and Russia. This world has no compassion, does not care about stupid people like Leale or me, why save it?
There are indeed some weird Gnostics. There is even one in my city that hold supernatural beliefs. Seems that there are really stupid Gnostics out there along with the supernatural believing Christians.

I am surprised though. Gnostic Christians tend to try to be helpful. I take heat from my own side for being too assertive in the supremacy of the morals within Gnostic Christianity.

Which Gnostic community are you referring to?