Avatar for hire.


Avatar for hire.


I am perusing the forum and noticing all the avatars involved.

I have an image of one I'd like, but...I am not good with computer graphics. Well..I wouldn't say not good...I just have no experience with creating them.

I consider myself the Dragon of the Earth's Soul....among other things...but...

The image of have is:

An emerald green dragon wrapped around the globe....red wings...the globe itself is a yin-yang, but has the topographical showings of the Earth showing through....yet it's still obviously a yin-yang.

It's more in a guardian stance...protective...

Anybody have any ideas of which program to use to design this, or anybody willing to tackle it themselves?

Avatar for hire.

Wow, that'd be quite the cool avatar. I'm a graphic designer, but not for things like that. I'm more in to web design and brochures and things. I'm sure there's some good artists out there though.

From your description, if you want to do it yourself, your best bet would be Adobe Photoshop in my opinion. There's others out there that compare to Photoshop, but that'd be my choice.

Avatar for hire.

Thanks! :)

I also wanted a sort of solar system/spatial backaround behind it. *smile*

I was going to incorporate some other symbols as well, but I haven't decided which ones, yet.

Good day!