Beyond The Pale


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Beyond The Pale

Everyone who is drawn to the TT Forum has a natural proclivity, a propensity to go beyond the understanding that we are handed by our institutions, in hopes of finding deeper truths when we sensed that something was missing. You answered an incessant calling to seek the hidden mysteries of reality. We sense that something is missing in our understanding and are driven to find it in order to be complete.
I thought I would post a poem that I wrote. I think everybody here will understand and relate to it.


There is a place, beyond the boundary line,
Beyond the influence of governments, of dogma,
Beyond any familiar sense of safety and security,
Beyond acquired knowledge or innate abilities.

It is a region that we are called to pass through;
It is a place of pilgrimage for the brave,
A place inhabited by our greatest hopes or worst fears,
But it is a place needed to go to be complete.

There is a place beyond the pale;
Only essence knows, and where only essence goes,
It rewards pain with deep truths and wonder,
It recompenses honesty with awareness and a new vision.

There is a place beyond the boundary's pale,
That beckons those who must know and understand,
Who have stood and gazed out, and wondered long enough;
Who have sensed that there Destiny lies beyond the pale.

Wayne Olson
Copyright 2000