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ever seen before,
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Potential New Species Dubbed Sea Pig Found Near New Zealand

The so-called sea pig is like nothing these scientists have ever seen before, telling CBS News it may be a new species. It’s one of more than a hundred potential new species that were found during a 21-day expedition of the Bounty Trough, a 500-mile stretch of ocean off the coast of New Zealand. Scientists dredged up new samples from as far as three miles deep into the water. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

steven chiverton

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the world is more mysterious than we think check out the squeezed lemon channel some or more people are getting lucky in filming them so how many mobiles have built in cameras and video recorders and that's alot and they are showing up on film so many weird creatures even ones with serial numbers on them to government experiments and maybe alien ones to


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@steven chiverton
When that blue orb video at 12:14 was shown, it reminded me of a paranormal experience I had.

The scariest UFO experience was in early March of 2017. I left my house and there was a light drizzle. When I was inside my house, I felt like I needed to grab my umbrella from my car because I might need it in the morning. My umbrella was in my car because I left it there. However my car was parked a few houses down at my grandmother’s home. This was where I parked my car because there was no room in the drive way at my parent’s house and the community rule states that cars will be towed if parked outside between midnight and 6:00AM. I do not know what made me feel like I needed to get my umbrella for the morning. I just went. I walked in the drizzle to my grandmother’s home. The drizzle was starting to sting my face as I opened my car door. I reached inside and took my umbrella out of the car and opened it. I closed the door and locked the car. Then all of a sudden, a downpour of rain came out of nowhere as I stood next to my car holding the umbrella. It made me feel as if I was in a motion picture and the heavy rain happened right on cue as I opened my umbrella. I was still next to my car when I saw a rainbow orb. The orb was not solid. It looked like a regular rainbow, but with a sphere. Then a yellow beam shot out of the sphere. It shot out as fast as lightning, but it was a full cylinder of yellow light. The yellow color reminded me as a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. The sound of this beam seemed to be 10 times louder than thunder. I could feel the sound through my whole body. I felt the ground wobble just like the time I ate at a restaurant in Rancho Marriage and there was a small earthquake. I nervously walked back to my house grasping the handle of the umbrella. The orb floated to the center of the community. It had gotten closer to me. Just like before, it blasted its beam into the ground. It made that super loud thunder like noise. The beam must have been hot because it seemed to be able to create a thick fog around where it hit. I was in front of my parent’s driveway and I saw the rainbow orb in the middle of the road behind my car in my grandmother’s driveway. The orb launched the beam down to the ground, shook the ground, and a loud blast sound was heard. Imagine huge plumes of white smoke before a car catches fire, but it was vaporized water vapor from the heat of the beam. The mist flooded the air. Then it started to come down the road closer to me. This was the first time I had ever felt like I was in danger from a UFO. I ran into the house. I did not look back. My shoes and umbrella were soaked. I am still puzzled on what happed to me that day. The next day was clear and sunny, all day. What made me have the urge to go outside in the drizzle the day before? Did the UFO have something to do with my desire for the umbrella?