Can We Create A Ghost?


The Man of Esoteric Knowledge
Aug 19, 2016
I don't know if you know Manly Palmer Hall. He is a well known authority in esoteric knowledge. You may find him googling for that. Well..
This initiate, high degree in Masonry. I think he had reached the 23rd or even higher. He used to be a living enciclopedia. He wrote tons of heavy volumes of esoteric stuff. Of course you can learn important issues regarding esoterical fraternities I said it is a biblical knowledge. Perhaps he was only surpassed by HPB _ Helena Blavatsky. The problem with this kind of intellectual least relating HPB is that the knowledge do not attract people because it is way too intellectual and even boring stuff which has an inherent lack of practicality in it.
Now I am not trying to discourage people away from studying these confusing set of knowledge.
Like I said one can often get many jewels among the trash.
These confusing knowledge makes me a real man i want to be!


Junior Member
Oct 3, 2017
I am a bit drunk, ya k ow new years eve and all, but one of the beliefs has this thing that they can create thought forms, I can't remember what its called but my drink mind thinks its Paca or something similar???