Debate can we send our conscious or memories to the past? to a younger state of ourselves.


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Oct 19, 2017
if one does not know the other or even what makes it, then why think you can just do it. changing time in one space in time is one thing but changing something time can not reach is a paradix in itsself. the soul is not just electrons in a muscle. it is so much more.


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Jan 29, 2017
I almost send my mind to past... and I didn't planned to do it.

I tell you what I did.

I cried a lot. I felt loneliness and stuff... you know.
It was late in the night, I was on my bed. When I felt I had enough, I stopped.
Then I started to feel more clean and ok. After a while, random thoughts were passing by on my mind.
In one of them I was walking on a supermarket. I remember the sense of being there.
That was all. Immediatly I got excited because I thought that I could really do a quantum shift to that point, in the supermarket.

But me (my mind) started to think many things about this quantum jump and I couldnt continue that way.
I doubted how I was supposed to reappear standed up and walking if I was on the bed...
but you know, that doesn't matter. A long time ago I was trying the same, a quantum jump like I were a magician, just using my hands as a magic stick, and that day I fell asleep and I saw myself being a teenager again, playing in the same park a long time ago I was, the matter was that I woke up very fast and I was worried about this current dimension.

So I dont think age or location does matters, because it dosen't.