Chemtrail fun


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Chemtrail fun

I was out taking pictures for the fun of it and I saw some jets flying overhead and I thought, "Oh why not just for the fun of it." So I took a picture of the first one with no problem but the second one (which I could hear) I got it in the view finder then took the picture and it was gone so I zoomed out to find it again and couldn't so I look with my eyes and still couldn't find it but I could still hear it and I said in a sing-song voice "I can still hear you." and the noise stopped. It must have flown higher or something or it was actually from the first jet.
It is weird though that every time after a rain storm it seems like there are more jets flying around. It's also interesting (which probably can be explained) that some jets have this looooong jet stream following it that stays in the air for a while and some have ones that vanish pretty much as soon as the jet leaves (probably because of difference of hight or temp differance or something).


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Re: Chemtrail fun

The trail from a jet engine SHOULD dissipate almost instantly (those short ones are normal). The long ones are abnormal in any condition. Though I don't know what they contain, I've heard that it's pretty bad stuff.