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Chronodynamics Guild

There is a new Public Group in town boys and girls.

The Chronodynamics Guild

This is a Public Group dedicated to those of us who believe in Self Consistency in general, and the Three Laws of Chronodynamics in particular. It is a Group for anyone who feels that Time Travel should be logically consistant, and that time travel situations should be free from paradoxes.

If this is how you feel and you want to be associated with like-minded individuals, then please, join up.

The requirement to join are simple:

Demonstrate a reasonable level of understanding of the Three Laws of Chronodynamics.

I will determine if your level of understanding is reasonable enough for you to join.

If you are not familiar with the Three Laws, then see my sig, or hop on over to my thread containing a detailed discussion of the Laws.

Thank you for your time and efforts.
Re: Chronodynamics Guild

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(\"Heinrich Hundekok\")</div>
Lets whack those multiple-timeline bastards!! :P

LOL! That should be our Guild Motto!

The Chronodynamics Guild
"Lets whack those multiple-timeline bastards!!"


Re: Chronodynamics Guild

HEHE!!! Ah, well... What the heck! No one will take us seriously - but we'll have our fun!!
Let's go smack them' disbelievers into the parrallell universe they love so much!

:lol: !!!