Clues left behind by John Titor? - 01


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Oct 21, 2018
You don't have to convince me...

That was about the same time I encountered a group of "investigators" to, what I now presume was, monitor my whereabouts in order to confirm my exclusion from involvement; deductive reasoning - I didn't do it.

I can tell you the core of what it was all about and you won't believe it or will dismiss and ignore it. I already have. No one cares. They are too busy peering around and between trees trying to spot the forest. Otherwise they are too busy playing "clean-up", trying to contain a potential disaster with truth.

I am still piecing things together, sorting things out, but I will summarize with a general overview of what I can gather and conclude: There is a vast grid-work of information frozen in time across many centuries, that reads like a message using various mediums and does not necessarily conform to the normal constraints of time as we normally perceive it. ...looks kinda like a great big connect the dots, ..or sort of like The Matrix or something.

There is a patch of dots, events and circumstances surrounding a lot of money and power and influence and big things. Within that patch is a string or cluster of events and some death and destruction that corresponds to people, some of them a family and friends network and regular everyday good folks. It kind of looks like a victims list or something, as if justice is being served. The 9/11 attacks is a cluster of dots, represents a small group of people who aren't terrorists.

I think someone is pissed off about something.

re the vast grid-work of information frozen in time across many centuries, that reads like a message using v....

Did you know a young girl scientist from S Korea found a way to photograph a grid placed over the earth...have we been in a lock-down or a freeze/repeat story where history is fake, fake, fake and the lies hold humanity hostage/// maybe we are not currently the top of the food chain? So are they exo or extra and how do we restore the truth of our situation??

a rumor is circulated that financial gains and new depths of political power followed the 911 event in the hands of a small group of perpetrators...a stash of gold was removed prior to collapse and an insurance payoff may have solved financial armageddon for a few powerful agents...big things will be unraveled as we pursue the truth of our real stories here.