Coments on experience


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Coments on experience

I had this new to me experience today :)
I had just woke up from falling asleep and i decided to read the inerdusction in a new book i bought called "Discover the human AURA" by kuntamini published by summit lighthouse (you probeble know them)
And i wathed the clock once and it was 11:08 and i thoguht "well only few sites to next chap" so i keept on reading and when i finished the chap that i was reading (with should have took me at least longerthen 1 min) took me no time at all. 11:08 still there :S. When i looked at the clock the secound time this black shadow or big black line passed infront of my eyes.. As if i had been reading with my "Astral Body" the time was still 11:08 i keept watching the clock and eventialy it turned over to 11:09

Well thats it for me :)

Love and Light