Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts


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Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

Egyptian Hieroglyphs depict and describe a computer’s cd tray, along with the form of a compact disk itself.

The Old Testament documents and describes computer parts.

The contents of four specific mid 1990s cd-roms are documented and described in many ancient texts.
A common link is Egypt:
Solon, an Egyptian priest, told the story of Athens and Atlantis.
Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), Pharaoh of Egypt, set up a one god religion.
Moses, an Egyptian priest, told various historical stories, and set up a one god religion.
The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ was a computer carry box that also contained the four mentioned cd-roms.

Two new videos introduce and show what type of computer technology has been documented and depicted by people in ancient times.

Three more videos then provide 12 specific examples.

Once you have viewed these, you may then Evaluate, Examine, and Compare 10 selected Topics from the Videos.
Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

Greetings Eddy.

I'm not an Egyptian expert but I do have a few questions and points.

What I'd like to see is Peer Reviewed documentation / evidence agreeing with Pegg's translation work of those 6 Hieroglyphs. What do you have?

Specifically, a translation of that section where Pegg thinks it shows a cd rom player from Egyptian Experts.

after an hour of superficial checking, If I'm not mistaken, the biliteral Hieroglyph of the Circle with the dot in the center is part of some of the Egyptian Gods names: Ra's , (Re) name , Amun's and The Aten. Nothing of the Goddesses.

Also, that circle with the dot in the Determinative Hieroglyph has translated to Sun, Light and Time. There is a circle with no dot in the center having to do with a corn measure.

Come to think of it, doesn't Tutankhamun's name have that same circle with the dot in it as part of his name?

Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

What I'd like to see is Peer Reviewed documentation / evidence agreeing with Pegg's translation work of those 6 Hieroglyphs. What do you have?
My full Egyptian report may be found in the publication entitled A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods, PPHC, 2006.

Contents of Egyptian Mythological Gods chapter.
Great Ennead of Heliopolis
Other Egyptian Gods
Benu Bird, Benben Stone, and the Phoenix
King Menes (Aha)
Summary of Identified Gods
Seven Stages of Egyptian Mythology
Pyramid Texts
Coffin Texts
The Book of the Dead
- Funeral Bed vignette
- Nine Component Parts of Man
The Papyrus of Ani
- Plate 1
- Plates VII & VIII
The Ladder of God
Final Conclusion

While checking Pegg’s Egyptian claims, from a list of over 55 named Egyptian mythical gods that describe their given animal symbol (and some, their individually associated characteristics and described themes), I matched 41 gods plus over 20 of their attributes and themes to specific images from the Ancients cd-rom, and matched 9 other descriptions and attributes to images and themes from two other cd-roms.

To me, this confirmed Pegg’s assertions.

I then also went on to identify the source of the Solar Boat, Benu Bird and Phoenix legends, plus found that, the scarab beetle represents a computer's mouse, the BenBen Stone describes a compact disk image and a computer's glass monitor, and that the Aten hieroglyph is a representation of there being three compact disks in ancient Egypt at Heliopolis.

Some of my discoveries have been included in news reports:

Ennead Gods of Heliopolis describe a series of pictures from a 1995 cd-rom

Explanation of 17 glyphs from Column 1, Plate 1 from the Papyrus of Ani
(Don’t forget to check out the Three glyphs together mean 'to shine' info link.)


Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

Indeed? Pray tell how shoehorned information sequestered at PPHC Hoax Central equates to Peer Reviewed Documentation?

Do do understand what Peer Review means correct?
Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

Do do understand what Peer Review means correct?

One meaning is “An assessment of a product conducted by a person or persons of similar expertise to the author”.

There are very few people who have been introduced to the works of Ronald Pegg, and thus, there are only a few people with this expertise.

You asked four Questions

1. What I'd like to see is Peer Reviewed
1.) documentation
2.) / evidence
agreeing with Pegg's translation work of those 6 Hieroglyphs.
3.) What do you have?
4.) Specifically, a translation of that section where Pegg thinks it shows a cd rom player from Egyptian Experts.

I answered # 3 assuming you were asking me personally.

On this thread, you have picked up on one small point from many thousands.

This topic itself - ‘Computer Technology found Documented in Ancient Texts’ - is just a small part of a much greater undertaking.
Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

Whoa whoa whoa. Back up.

Did you just say a scarab beatle is meant to represent a computer mouse?! That's a reach if I ever read one. I like to keep an open mind but now you are just sounding ridiculous.
Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

"Thousands of points" all shoehorned to fit YOUR hypothesizes. They have yet to become theory. Without Peer Review, all you and your correction machine, aka the PPHC Study Group have, are sci fi guesses. Unless you can round up true blue, full blown Experts in Egyptology, and have them publish something based on something you have already published, having a cracker tin full of constantly corrected ideas won't wash and dry when examined for connections to reality.

If you are going to use the ruse that an "angel" did all the traveling, gathering and showing you forgot the part about the Big Three his boss happens to own by simply being itself. Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. Never send a boy with a butter knife to do a man's job with a 44 Magnum eh? Surely the Head Honcho would have sent the winged one to go fetch a power notebook/ Lap Top rather than that dinosaur 386. Anything less and you insult the power that bes.

Your lame claim to fame a la CD Rom, represented by the circle with the dot in it Egyptian hieroglyph is severely lacking. You seriously think that a 3 piece system - CPU and Box, Monitor, Key Board and power supply would be lugged around, when 1 single unit does it all? What, three other "angels" wanted to go walkabout too so they used many parts as an excuse for each one to travel? Having wings is one thing, traveling stupidly is entirely something different. Your hypothesis makes God look stupid. They were going to charge the batteries on good looks? A jolly group sing of Kumbayah at the evening campfire perhaps? Maybe Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport?
Surely 4 angels singing around a campfire would power many things. Unfortunately, even a million of heaven's best would be hard pressed to lend credence to this fantasy. Your "thousands of points" all lead to a thousand guesses that don't add up. If you morph it to be just a simple Time Traveler and not an angel, the logic still stands and even more so, one unit beats the hell out of several pieces to lug around.

Unless you publish for peer review so that experts in their field judge your stories, that's all you have, 7 years worth of fantasy smote by whom ever you tricked into the study group to help you patch the holes of said science fiction. Which brings us to the obvious questions. Where has ronald pegg published for Peer Review? Where has Edward Teller/Edy_P, Eddy P/Edward -Eddy Pengelly Published for Peer Review?

Pointing to your repository of fiction at the PPHC Study group as a "source" of information when answering questions is insulting at best.

I formally submit that there is no Ronald Pegg, and, that You, are all three personages found upon internet inspection, Edward Teller , Eddy Pengelly and Ronald Pegg. If in fact Pegg is a real person, a lettered "researcher" what university did he attend so that school records can verify that it's a real person and not your nom de plume.

Contrary to your many claims all over the net, that "you are not out to make money" on your science fiction stories, why are you charging money?

From Your Site:

""The following PPHC in-house REPORTS were printed up as News & Evaluation Resource Books in the years stated

2003 Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
2004 A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus
2005 A New Bible Commentary - Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelations
2006 Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
2006 A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis
2006 Penguins, Square Pegs, and Coincidences
2007 World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins

REPORTS re-published as E-Books
Copies of these publications have been made available as downloadable PDF files in order for you to view them on your home computer. The e-book files do not include their Rear Cover information. The PDF REPORTs are copyrighted, are Read-Only, thus Copying and Printing are not available (as you would expect with copyrighted works).

An Adobe Reader is required to view these books on your computer.
A link is provided in case you do not have one on your computer.

File Download
File sizes for these E-Books vary, but all are under 2MB.

If you only have dialup, consider carefully before purchasing our products on-line whether a time-out may occur due to your computer or connection facilities.

• Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (and for Australian customers includes GST
when applicable)
• The World Breaking Discoveries ebook price is $16.50
• All other ebooks are $13.75 each
• Prices are subject to change without notice
• We reserve the right to correct any publishing errors""

or is that just a simple typo on your "study groups" part?

What has become all too clear, is that for the last 5 years or so, your sole goal of selling your science fiction as IF it has something to do with reality, is a exercise in a SPAM festival powered by google bombing and the dissemination of your groups location.
Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

You know Star, this could only get better if we could find ancient drawings of Egyptians with cd's strapped to their heads and rubbing a Pentium between their legs. What I want to know is if we showed them pictures of how to build pyramids then who built the pyramids in the pictures we showed the future pyramid builders?
Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts

Wouldn't work.

The Egyptians, being primitive idiots and lacking the higher levels of sophistication prevalent in today's humans (especially HDR users,) had no knowledge of Ley lines and/or grid points.

Poor ignorant devils.