Comte de Saint Germain


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Comte de Saint Germain

I find his story very interesting, they say he is over 2000 years old, an alchemist that knows how to prolong life and reverse age. the reason why he is so interesting to me is because I think I met him as crazy as it sounds.

I learned of him here when this was and mudpuppy posted the teaser thread about him.

The guy I knew has many of his traits and the more I think about it I become more convinced, the guy I knew shared traits like he knew something about everything and could interact with anyone from any country and knew their languages, he could sell an Eskimo ice, when I have more time I will tell my complete story here.

I am kind of on the lookout for him but in our last encounter in 1996 he told me I would not recognize him and although I would be looking for him, he would eventually find me.

still waiting.

I am hoping someone could share something if they think they have met such a person.

anyway, google that name, there is a lot of info on him.
Re: Comte de Saint Germain

Yes that is the exact post I was talking about! I will definitely post my story soon!

well I know I promised a story and since I have been re-reading the stories of the comte saint germain I figured I would get it off my chest.

My dad had a wholesale perfume shop in NYC for a little over 2 years or so, from 1990 to 1992 or so, there was this guy who came into the store and he had many of the traits of st germain but his cover seemed much different.

The short of the long is this guy looked like late 30's or early 40's in age and claimed he knew babe ruth among the many others he claimed to know and spoke of people like he knew them somehow, mostly rich and famous people, he predicted the internet, game show (weal link in the chain), ipod, flat screen tv's and computers.

he knew about every country and culture and historical facts and spoke of them as if he lived it.

he mentioned "the black hand" a secret society and how they shut people up, back then to me it was like some 007 james bond stuff but I was a teen then and really didnt give it much thought.

in 1992 one of the last times I saw him he had a black velvet case like a big jewelery box and it might have been inside a larger case (sort of like a rectangle keyboard cardboard box shape) he brought in once with 5 or 6 very large jewels with a diamond, safire, emerald, purple diamond (not sure what its called) and I cant remember the rest but I do remember him saying he brought them in for me to remember, LOL.

then in 1997 he found my father and requested my number for some emergency business thing which I half thought was bullshit but the short of that is he told me the next time I saw him he would be like royalty and I still await his contact.

anyway, I plan to give a detailed account sooner or later but I want to keep reading all I can find.
Read MP comments and it paints an interesting picture but without "back up", that's all it is, something out of an unknown or untitled text.
This at least has some merit, as in actual contact, conversations with those who have spoken to the gentleman in question. interesting to read about, speculate over but with the sccience we have today, I'll wait for a complete lab work-up before I go :cautious::cautious:along with who this gentleman legend has him to be.:cautious: