Dimension travel in my dream


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Jan 5, 2019
I decided to make this thread after a strange dream last night. Yesterday was a normal Friday for me, went to school, came home, played on ps4 for a little bit. Nothing unusual, until around 10 pm. I’m sitting in my basement and I just suddenly got this rush of goosebumps and I just felt unsettled. I decided to blow it off as nothing, until an hour later. My mom was taking my dog out to go to bathroom before bed when she suddenly started barking like crazy at something off in the dark. I came upstairs to see why my dog was barking because shes normally a quiet dog. My mom told me she had no clue and said she saw nothing. I thought I’d have a look. I immediately felt off, like something was out there watching me when I could not see anything. This shook me for the rest of the night. I ended up going to bed around 1 am ish, and I had the weirdest dream ever. I normally remember my dreams and think nothing of It but this one was so vivid and so real, almost if it all happened. In the dream I had access to this device that allowed me to jump dimensions, I know it sounds crazy but I felt like I had seen the device before. It was yellow with a large long tube on top, and two smaller ones on the side. It also had one short tube on each end and on the sides a handle that when lifted presented somerhing like a circuit breaker. I used this device to travel through dimensions, and each dimension had a name, and not some crazy name like an actual realistic name. Every dimension had a different earth and I Remember vividly the earth I started on, which I believe was my actual earth, was called Earth 1998. I next traveled to an Earth called Earth 2004, but this earth was different. It was all black as it would be in space and I traveled through it in a space ship that was shaped almost like sting ray. I remember arriving on earth 2004 and it was so dark and almost futuristic, it was filled with buildings and just so much darkness. It almost seemed like something out of a movie. Up to this point I thought it was just a weird dream until I visited a different dimension which I believed was named something like Darmed, I am not positive though but it did start with a D. Here I was encounter by hundreds of these tiny white, almost tear dropped shaped beings. They chased me into a snall trailer like structure and I immediately knew I had been here before. Everything inside the trailer seemed so similar, like when you’ve driven down a road you know hundreds of time. I also knew exactly where everything was going to be and used a chair to block the door. From here I woke up with marks on my legs from where the creatures has chased me and bitten at me, and I felt pain to there to. Once awoke I felt almost warm and heavy and I could not stay up and drifted back into sleep, into my same dream. I was in my weird ship again and landing in a very dark and gloomy place. All I could see were walls of shrubs, Like you would see in a maze. I remember having a flashlight and the last thing I remember was a long grey slender like creature, very tall, standing over me. This terrified my because I know I had also seen this creature before. When I awoke I jolted upwards in my bed, maybe an inch or so off my bed. The dream felt so vivid and so real and during it I felt actual pain and I felt the wind and I felt the cold from the darkness all like I wpuld in my everyday life. I have not felt this way since I was younger and I had the same repeating dream that would wake me up screaming. If you know anything about this please respond because I am honestly very shook. Thank you