Do u believe in it ? (EVP)


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Do u believe in it ? (EVP)

Hey , everybody !
Do you all believe in E.V.P ? I mean Electronic Voice Phenomenon , you see I just saw the movie
White Noise , then I began to know a little about it , and I found some explanations from some websites . It's described " EVP is a way to communicate with spirits. Researchers believe that the voices of the dead can be recorded and played back on magnetic audio tape. It is the most modern way to communicate with the spirit world. Some skeptics believe that they are not voices of the dead but radio or CB transmissions.

It has been said that Thomas Edison was working on an EVP device. However the credit for discovering EVP goes to Fredrich Jurgenson when he was recording bird sonds in the Sweedish countryside and on play back he distinctly heard the voice of a man discussing nocturnal bird songs in Norwegian. He had heard nothing during the recording but many voices on playback, some giving him instructions on how to record more voices. EVPs are also called Raudive Voices after Konstantine Raudive who recorded 100,000 voices. He published "The Inaudible Made Audible". EVP research is done all over the world but most heavily in the United States and Germany. The Association for Voice Taping Research was founded in the 1970's in Germany, and American Association - Electronic Voice Phenomenon in 1982. Conferences are conducted world wide by engineers and electronics experts who devise special sophisticated equipment to record EVPs. "

So I wanna know how do u like it haa

let me hear your ideas ya :)

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Re: Do u believe in it ?

I haven't seen White Noise yet, but I'd like to. After hearing some EVP's I can say that they can be downright creepy. Especially when on Ghost Hunters, they caught the one of the guy's grandfather calling to him. Now THAT sent chills.

If the EVP is caught in a controlled situation where there is no way possible for outside interference, then they are completely possible and believable. Not that I don't believe in them, I do, but there are charletans out there ready to take anyone they can for a ride.

Re: Do u believe in it ?

I think that it's possible, but...some of the time, it's just certain other things and not actually "ghosts" or "voices beyond the grave".

I haven't seen Ghost Hunters before though. Does anyone know what days and times it comes on? A bit off-topic, I know...and my apologies, but I cannot find the answer anywhere else.
Re: Do u believe in it ?

Did you know that some of the same materials used to construct older buildings are also used to make cassette tape ribbon? I believe that some of those same materials are used today.

The likliest explanation is that some materials have natural voice recording aspects, but we generally do not hear it. When you record silence and play it back very loudly, it's probable that you're playing back what your walls and other materials have "recorded".

Before you laugh, this is a proven phenomena. In older buildings that have been around for years, in silence "recordings" made by the material in the walls are known to "play back" what they've recorded randomly. In a bar (I can't remember where it was located), recordings of patrons from throughout the years could be heard in the silence. When examined, the walls were seen to be made from some of the same materials in cassette ribbons. It seems likely that this phenomena occurs even today.

I would not rule out completely the idea that demons might use people searching for EVP, but I think that this would probably be the exception rather than the rule. I do not believe that the ghost of a dead person has ever been caught on tape.
I believe in EVPs, and had my own experience with one. It was 2001 and I had been watching Mediums communicate with departed loved ones on television shows. I lost my own true love many years ago, and I finally decided enough years had passed...I was going to give it a try. The night that I made this decision, I was alone at home when I spoke aloud to my departed loved one. I told him, when I visited with a Medium, if he was really communicating with me, to say a particular sentence, word-for-word.

After researching I found a Medium who was supposed to be reputable and not too far away from me. I paid her a visit. I did not give her any details about my departed loved one. To my surprise, he came through. The Medium told me many things that she could not have known, and even allowed him to channel through her, like in the movie "Ghost" when Whoopee lets Demi Moore talk to Patrick Swayze's ghost. Other times she repeated what he was telling her.

When my loved one was saying goodbye, the last sentence he said to me was exactly what I had asked him to say, word-for-word. :eek: I was amazed!

I taped the whole session. When I got home, I transcribed it, and there on the tape...when the Medium was silent, pausing as she listened to him speak, the word "follow" came through the tape in a 3rd voice. Then the Medium spoke and repeated what he had said, which was a sentence that included the word "follow" just as the EVP had recorded.

Even though it was only one word, it was very clear, and distinctly a 3rd voice that was neither mine nor the Medium's when neither of us were talking. That was the most convincing evidence for me! But honestly, the whole reading was incredible. :)