Do you believe in hell?


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Jul 24, 2017
The church claims that hell is eternal and it really is...BUT with a condition. If you don't raise your vibration you cannot ever escape. God can raise your vibration if you genuinely ask him to and he will. Really hard to do so genuinely when in serious torment. Although possible.

The church forgets to reveal this little detail that it's not eternal damnation.

Can visit this place when astrally projecting, try it.
I did by mistake when projecting in an extremely bad mood.
Not funs. (n):eek:

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Jan 26, 2018
Do you think hell is real? Can a person's actions really determine if they will enter hell after their death?
I do, but I don't believe it has fire and brimstone. I've been to Hell (metaphorically speaking), it is dark, cold and lonely. You are indeed alone with just you and your thoughts. Dark as in figuratively, cold as in temperature wise and just... not warm in an emotional sense and lonely in every sense of the word. Hell exists. It's for people/souls who have f*cked up in this life or a past one, but what they did was so great.. that their suffering couldn't be postponed until their death.

People who go to prison, are in Hell. I believe prison is Hell, I believe social isolation is Hell as well. I don't believe Hell is something that comes AFTER we die, but it happens while we are still alive.

Some schools of thought believe Heaven and Hell exist in the afterlife, but that they are not places. But states of mind and thought. That too I believe makes some sense.

Being borderline manic depressive, I visit Heaven AND Hell about 4 times a week, sometimes more. I know how important your frame of mind is. Sometimes it's kind of like (for me at least) being Tony at the end of Scarface.. and others it's like being a terminally ill cancer patient who is set to die in 1 week.. who has lost everyone they've ever loved.

Heaven and Hell are made whole and instant in the minds of those blessed with manic depression.

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