Do you Exchange?

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Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
Now and then I see participants bidding farewell bragging to be moving on to a more prolific place.
Prolific implies the idea of advantage. He simply goes out gladly as if he had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Now we are captured wondering how would it be like this new location. Why should current participants go?
There is a special device which allows remote viewing. You do not have to be gifted of special talents.
Scrutinizing this new Shan gri la we notice the spirit of dumbing down pervading the area.
Special agents psychologists specialists in the area of disinformation.
If you strain the device to full capacity you will detect agents from the intelligence service.

He had left so joyfully to be taken in a trap.
I have nothing against professionals doing their assignments.
I only pity those naive participants who start to have their lives scrutinized after posting on some shiny websites.
I stay on Paranormalis. Although one may say 'it is too quiet a place'.
If you wish to exchange freedom of information for a whole atmosphere of disinformation. Get out Paranormalis and try to sleep well as before.