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Jan 29, 2017
so... one day I decided to cause that Dad lose weight and go healthier.

I planned to do stupid things, because its due to stupid things that we repent... and we wish to revert time.
What if we do stupid things to cause the same, the good way?
I don't know, if you smoke you can drop the whole cigarrete box, if you watch porn then you sell your laptop... you know.

So that day I decided it and next day I woke up very early in the morning to do excercise on a fixed bike, so Dad could watch me. That way, of I repeat the same routine he will be influcted so he'll start to react and do something similar.

On that night, 2 unkles of mine living in 2 different cities called home claiming if I was ok because they had dreamt Dad lose weight and looked more thin. My plan was exactly that, ridimg that fixed bike like a freak, no matter if it was morning, late in the night or if I just had dinner, or lunch. Anytime, everyday I would ride the bike.

Sadly, I fail. Next day, I was riding it when Dad came and told me something about food, according to him I needed to eat something, then I felt dissapointed and it bothered me. That was enough to interfere with everything so I left the bike.
Next day I didnt ride anything.

End of the story

but it not ends here, because months after this, I planned again to cause the same, lose weight on Dad, so I started to do excercise in my room. You know, some abs, and things you can practice in home. On the next day, I remember that I dreamt about my dad, he had a very well shaped abdomen, and he was holding weights with his hands.

Sadly, I fail again.

Recently, I have met a girl online, so we've been chatting each other every single night. Due to private reasons I left her, but the time we were sexting I couln't woke up early. Its about 3 months I don't talk to her so I can start over again.

Have you ever made a plan, so trascendental that other people dreams about it?

I still wonder how to cause a friend of mine stops smoking,
I don't smoke. I see her almost everyday.
I talked about that, she doesn't care.
Cells continue their reproduction cycles
Yesterday a guy I knew has passed away from cancer...
he never smoke but he did work im a fabric breathing very small plastic molecules, they were doing recycling. It lasts many months until his lungs could not have normal function and the nightmare began... He was using oxygen and a breathing machine, cancer expanded all over his body. I saw him last week. He looked very consumed. Skinny. Holy sh'' I want to blame somebody. Cancer is the number 1 cause of death in my country, along with diabetes and more shit.

change the way you eat
I know he always drank coke, coffee, white bread and all kinds of meat.
During his illness, he changed his diet, only fruits and vegetables. Mediccine, and stuff.

if you smoke use bong
never allow it becomes a vice
vices are kind of time deviations

My friend is still young, she doesn't care.
She doubles my age
Once I use to smoke weed
the few enough to became fckin insane
and trust me
heal your brain and recovering it is the slowliest thing
Do you have reasons to travel back in time? Me too.
Im developing some techniques, pm me if you want to know some.

I kinda stuck here, but I know I will get out

Ok see ya
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