Euthanized Puppy Rises From 'dead'


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For you, zombie Doom fans...
A puppy euthanized by veterinarians has risen from the "dead."

The black-and-white pooch was one of five young dogs "put to sleep" Saturday at a shelter in Sulphur, Okla., News 9 in Oklahoma City reported. Each dog was checked and confirmed to be dead, then the 3-month-old and his four siblings were placed in a trash bin.

On Sunday morning, an animal control officer looked into the bin and discovered that the one pup somehow survived.

...Nope, no zombie Doom, just a very lucky puppy :)

I wonder if such a thing happens often ? I guess not.

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Eww, a trash bin? It mustn't smell good in that shelter!

Some dogs just resist more than others to products used. It's generally an anesthetic, in a much more elevated concentration. I read an "unusual facts" article in a vet magazine, and it was telling how a big dog just didn't die after a normal dose for his weight! Kinda the same scenario.
It makes me think about people who changes their mind during euthanasia. Let me tell you the dog stays stone for a couple days after that!

Hey Num, I didn't know you had a "cute puppy" side!! Hahaha

Yeah, I happen to have this cute puppy side of me show up now and then. I though this topic would be creepy and cute at the same time! ;)

I wonder if that dog simply didn't get the "lethal" dose, only enough to slow his vital functions down enough to 'appear' dead, giving the semblance.

I wonder if he had to be re-euthanised. :(
Nope! Thousands of people did want to adopt him after that! And he's still available if you're interested!! ;)

Usually, we check if the heart is still beating before "disposing" of their corpses. He couldn't really "appear" dead, but if the person didn't check, or if he wasn't really good with a stethoscope, that might be the answer!!