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Re: Fear

Birth, life and death, without regards to timing on any global scale.
Massive worlds and galaxies will collide or glide by each other and we will infinitely be involved in an intricate mass of simplicity.
Emotions will peak and rise or taper off or explode violently and all will go on in it's gradual changing ways or it's sudden radical outburts.
A complex array of items will be developed to such infinitely neutral or damaging ends.. as well as a few good rays of hope to keep us going and infinite creativity to deal with our individual situations.
Parties will form and clash over an idea.
And shick shavers will be born to shave and shave alone they shall.


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Re: Fear

Nothing really Starlord. But it has the potential to be what you want it to be.


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Re: Fear

Fear of God leads to irrational behavior. Fear of displeasing Biblegod has financially supported the religion cobbled together by Constantine in the 300's, until the present.

Hopefully as knowledge is irrefutably established by scholars that the whole thing was made up, that the gospels were forgeries, that the Jewish scriptures were edited by Ezra to eliminate all the gods but one, Yahweh, the tribal god of the mythical Abraham, the Romulus & Remus of the Jews, people will begin to come out from under this irrational fear of "sin" and begin to see the difference between right and wrong.

Biblegod is the most popular imaginary friend in our civilization. He is vengeful, jealous, and, depending on your particular religion, loves you and is sending the other 95% of the populace to Hell to burn forever and ever; never being able to pass out from the pain, never being burned up, never extinguished, never a rest, never allowed to go insane or escape in any way.

So the fear of such a god, leads to irrational behavior. One must desperately cling to faith and hope that one doesn't displease monstergod. It is scary as hell to doubt one's faith and get out from under the dread of Hell. If anyone here is a fundy, like I used to be, check out the ex-fundys on the web and go through detox with them. You can be free of fear.