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Before the beginning there was no differentiation.

Then independence shattered time into being.

One created Seven, Five, and Three as distinctions of who One, the founding father, was not.

Seven was bisexual and mischievous. He teased his brother Five and mocked him. Five was gentle humble and meek.

Three was grateful to the individuality that One gave him and was loyal to the One.

Eventually Seven's teasing of Five got so bad that Five wander off into the nothingness.

One made Two the first and only female that One made.

Two was a fiery red head with deep blue eyes. She was full of life and joy. In an act of ecstasy she created Four.

Four was a golden blonde, a perfection of beauty and form, but nothing beyond that.

Three was amazed and over joyed at his sister's act of creation.

Old and bitter, withered and worn One despised it all and sought to be alone in silence away from everyone else.

With the help of Two Three created Six. Their son was artful and full of grace and strength. Six lived in the woods and was at one with nature.

Then the great division began. While Three was Loyal to One and ever thankful for the individuality they all had. Two was upset at how Seven had treated Five, and eventually became upset at One for creating Seven, and even for One creating individuality. Two yearn for a return when they were all together in the mysterious prenature.

The division caused Two and Three to part there ways and separated into lines of male and female.

In her sorrow Two created Eight. Eight was an old matriarch. Eights body was flabby and over weight. Eight had some facial hair. Eight almost looked like a male. Eight was wise and she understood the compassion that Two still had for Three. Eight understood the silliness of the division.

In his anger Three made his own creation Nine. Nine was a neurotic misogynist. Nine was full of nervous tics and Freudian slips. Everything had to be black and white for Nine. Everything was distinctly male or female, right or wrong. Nine had a passionate hatred of all things female and would often make hypocritical pronouncements.

Five returned from the outer nothing and Two adopted him to be on the female side. Two said that Five's gentleness and meekness were a good role model to follow and represented what it was like in the prenature.

Ok that is all I got so far. But not so bad for rewriting numerology and creational cosmology I think.

Oh and the colors.
One's color is black.
Two's color is red.
Three's color is blue.
Four's color is yellow.
Five's color is brown.
Six's color is green.
Seven's color is purple.
Eight's color is orange.
Nine's color is indigo.

and the prenature
Zero is white.


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I forgot the physical descriptions of the characters.

One is like Scrooge of a Christmas Carol. White hair wrinkled face, sharp bony features. Slightly hunched and muttering to himself. The expression of grumpy in Snow white and the seven dwarves. He has a black woolen trench coat. There is something of a wizened wizard and God like figure in him as well.

I think I detailed Two. She is age wise young twenties maybe sixteen. Shapely figure, that is both full and soft and fit and hard in various curves of her body. Something of a Satine of Moulin Rouge or Rose of Titanic mixed in with Madonna in Evita. If you read about Bridgit on the Messages from the future page, that is Two to a T.

Three is in military uniform. Walks stately and English like propriety. Full of courtesy and good form. There is also a statesman like quality to him but with due humbleness. Dark brown hair, cut on the short side, a small trimmed mustache. He has a friendly smile that is sincere and a deeply serious attitude on things that matter that he keeps in check with quite contemplation. Something like a Wesley of The Princess Bride after becoming the dread Pirate Roberts in stature and physic.
Or Luke in the Star Wars trilogy in Return of the Jedi when confronting Jabba.

Four, super model (but not thin like Kate Moss more full like Marylin Monroe), miss America, Vana White, Barbie, I think you know.

Five, very much a hunch back of Nortra Dame Disney style. Soft spoken, head and eyes towards the ground. Somewhat of a Smegal in his more enduring moments of Lord of the Rings. Very monk like in clothing and appearance, but not the stature of a monk. The stature almost ape like, a timid ape at that. His face is round and pudgy. His body is like the Pilsberry Doug Boy.

Six, Leglos of Lord of the Rings, the agility of Jacky Chan, yet off in his own world, the world of nature. Long straight hair, soft and flowing. Facial features rounded but prominent. Almost a Fabio quality but leaner and not as defined. The grace of movement of a Lion the awareness of a hawk and very much in touch with nature, at one with it.

Seven, a red Fro in a Dilbert Boss style "horns" on either side of his head. His freckled face almost has a Alfred E. Newman Mad Magazine guy appearance or a Howdy Dudy guy quality but tempered by the Lead Character of a Clock work Orange. His clothing style is flaming gay. Women's blouses and pants, jewelery, peircings. His stature is slanted like some thugs in a bar or a dark alley. He wears a Chester Cat like grin that says "I know something you don't know." His body is thin and angular. His eyes are hazel. His personality is that person at a party who finds it hilarious that you spilled on yourself and has to point it out to every one to make fun of you. And yet their is almost a Jim Carry kind of appeal to him as well in his humor, some of it is real funny.

I think I covered eight pretty well, the age that a female gets to that their body starts to lose distinguishing qualities from men.

Nine, the surrealist artist Salvadore Dali in appearance the passion and intensity of Hitler the deranged logic of Charles Manson the black and white thinking of Jerry Farwell. The ticks and twitches of a rabbits nose as it seems that too much is shoved inside of him and he is going to come apart at the seams at any minute. Imagine Luis Farakahn having a heated debate with Aynn Rand about everything and you will capture the internal conflict being caried out subconsciously in his expression.


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The birth of Ten:

From the love, sympathy, and harmony Two and Five originated the child Ten.

Ten was young but well advanced beyond her years. She did have the powerful forces of the prenature and differentiation embodied in her. Small of stature small and soft rounded face her power radiated from her in near visible flashes of black and white. She had the knowledge of ages yet to come and the mind of an innocent unblemished child. Her presence gave the assurance that despite all the seemingly unsurmountable odds and needless suffering the final out come was very pleasant indeed. Also her presence gave the very crushing realism that regardless of what effort or how noble, vigilant, and valiant your goals or how solidly placed and founded a great creation was established it all would ultimately mean nothing at all. The effect was simply one of stunning. Yet her dependency on others and vulnerability was also palpable as well. For she was indeed but a child with all the needs of a child to be looked after, cared for, and loved.


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Liquid Guilt:

Darkness knows no shadows
Blindness knows no light
A Hurricane is never peaceful
And a new moon is never bright

Seek the strong
and find the weak
Feel the warm
when pain does meet

Only death forms the boundaries of life
Only love forms the boundaries of pain
A callous laugh of forgotten fame
A Bitter tear for false promises

To ask a question of innocence
To receive a remark of guilt
It is a ocean of black ink I drowned in
It is cold liquid guilt

The storm clouds were strong yet leary
The lightening was spindly and quick
The wind called out the end of my window
The tided called out the end of my ship

Boulders are indifferent to the carbon copy vessels they destroy
It is only determined will that caused me to endure

Pain that knows no mercy
Like fire is to wood
Free those sorry moments
If only now I could

A cat that sings to a tune unknown
A man of age upon a thrown
The loyalty of a cloud
The fiddle number thirteen

Lightening struck twice
and I awoke from the dream

The storm was blind
It cared not what it wrecked
It was enraged with wickedness
The sorrow unmet

I lay beside my drowned love
It is I that met her fate
The waves would continue falling
The words would be to late



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Cryptic Verses of Hell :

From pain comes beauty
From fear comes respect

The analogy of life can only be relative to death
of such there are no words
only preeminent associations

Those who seek heaven shall not find it
The terrors of hell are abundant for all to see

To contemplate rationally is to entirely miss the point
The mysteries of life are solvable only by the absurd

Freedom is checked by force
Truth is balanced by lie
and Justice is a matter of chance


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By Zeus O' Harley
Thou art at night

Thy Kingdom come on earth
as it is in your heaven

Walk with me friend
Walk at night
Speak to me of the stars
and make them glow

How beautiful you are
in the darkness of night
in the balcony of my robe

Inch by Inch
I feel the pinch
eat my sandwich now

Beyond the puddle that the source has sown
Dreary trees cut and tear the sky...


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That is some dense writing, entertaining though. Nice job Pheonix.



Well done Phoenix. These poems are really special. Are you going to share any more?


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I have another one titled fire for a friend. I will see if I can find it.

Oh and there is a long one called White Wash Reality.


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::.. That?s good work Phnx! ..::
::.. Ever contributed to any known works of fiction? ..::