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Perhaps we could make use of this rescource with the project?

HP48 emulator byMarkus Fritze.

You can download the X48 with the Gnomon program here (Mac Classic/OS X only).


Spectrumology - "The Natural Order of the Universe looks like chaos. Spectrumology describes this chaos as a transition from the linear to the spatial." http://www.spectrumology.com

Hi Gary --

Not sure, but there are dangers involved with any new technology, and if this stuff isn't calibrated correctly it can cause the same kind of biological damage that the Philadelphia Experiment did. Boyd's friend talked about "accidentally cooking" test rats a few times until he got things right. I don't condone animal testing, though, so hopefully we can figure out how to avoid the real problematic side-effects the first time around.

Also, Dering had mentioned that the Nazi-Bell might have some kind of negative effects on biological systems. However, so does a microwave oven -- but the commercial models have a safety-interlock to circumvent this.


What do you suppose reversing the effect of the freeze beam would do?

has anyone given this any thought?

one thing comes to my mind...

The Kids Movie "Clockstoppers" by Nickolodeon

The kids fathe rdeveloped a watch that would "Accelerate" TIme around you by placing you in HyperTime as they called it.

Do you think we cans do this by reversing the effects of this freeze-beam? or other modifications?

---Gary Voss

Hi John --

Peter Von Puttkamer's show already aired? That's a shame that I missed it -- I thought I had it in calendar but must have got the date wrong.

Puttkamer filmed the Lifters I was building in 2003 -- he's got a real eye for filmaking, and does remarkably artistic work setting up his shots. I've had 7 or 8 shows now, and his footage is definitely the best!

(BTW -- if anybody needs filmaking, Puttkamer @ Gryphon is a great place to start).


Hi Richard, et al:

Restating information from previous email: Boyd has a contact who is claiming to have replicated and controlled the Hutchison-Effect -- I am hoping to see pictures and or video sometime in the next month. I believe that the Philadelphia Experiment, Hutchison, and a few others are inteconnected effects. Note that in nearly all circumstances, the effects are unpredictable and uncontrollable -- also, if Boyd's friend is right, there are a lot more effects going on than we've seen to date.

Boyd's contact is talking about a "freeze beam" (I will attach details below). He's also talking about controlled levitation/antigravity....

Dering's description indicates that these effects are "cross-linked" -- ie: changing one parameter changes many others. That's why H-Effect & Philadelphia are so unpredictable -- not sure how many forces these interact with, but definitely EM, gravity, and perhaps a few new ones. These are part of what's basically a "swiss-army effect": subsets must be based on a different "color" of the same interactions.

---Tim Ventura

If you can get your Tesla coils phase locked, I believe you will be in business and will be able to control the effects and will be able to reproduce the results in front of skeptics.

Take your time, do a good job, the results will be worth the effort.

But let me also advise that you should be careful when it comes to showing others what you are doing. Think twice, be careful. There are some bad actors in this world, and some of them would put your research to an end, if they could.

You will recall that T. Henry Moray's radiant energy device was smashed by some character, as an example.
that will try to stop you. Some are on the earth, it appears, others are in their saucers.

Trust me: The research you are doing is Top Drawer national security stuff.

- have done so 1985 ctv news with tony parsons and later www.gryphonproductions.com airing now best john re discovery channel beyond invention th producer was on ctoc nov 24 best john

John Hutchison

experiments like the philadelpia wont go wrong if your not inducing freqeuncys above the human brain compatibility or if your in an area witch wavelenghs cant reach.