Goodnight Sweetheart

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Goodnight Sweetheart

This is a British comedy show that ran in the nineties for a few years. The main character was Gary Sparrow, who lived in the present (the nineties) and was having problems in his marriage to Yvonne. Whilst out in London on business, he turned down an alley (I forget the name) and was transported back to London of the 1940s (although he didn't realise this at first.) He stopped off in a pub (bar), which he at first thought was some sort of 1940s museum, and met the landlord's daughter, Phoebe, and the two fell for each other. Gary of course eventually realises he has gone back in time, but he can get back to the present by walking up the alley again.

He begins a double life - his unstable marriage manages to survive, but Gary makes frequent trips to the 1940s to meet girlfriend Phoebe. The only person who knows of Gary's time travelling is his best friend Ron, although his wife knows something funny is going on by Gary's lame excuses to cover his absences. To throw her off the scent, Gary sets himself up as a collector of 1940s materials (it was something like that, anyway) which accounts for his disappearances, and Ron forges 1940s documents so that Gary can move freely in the 1940s without suspicion.

Gary tells Phoebe and the bar regulars in the 1940s that he is working for the government, which accounts for why he is not in the army, and also accounts for his knowledge of forthcoming war events. He also tells them that he has spent a lot of time in America, so that when he produces a futuristic device, he claims it is from America, describing the country as a sort of magical land where these things are commonplace. When he produces something that is obviously futuristic, he says it is a government device.

At times, Gary considered leaving one life and spending the whole of his time in one era, but decided it was too fun to keep juggling between the two. The real complication came when Yvonne and Phoebe both became pregnant and Gary had to deal with fatherhood in two different times.