Happy ThanksGiving My friends


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

Hey, and Happy Turkey Day to everyone on this wonderful site!!!! It is my hope that everyone has a wonderful day and let the wives do all the shopping!!!,lol. Please post your holiday grievences and loves here! This is the time to be happy and to deck the halls with bells of holly. Let's all do some Holiday love and let your friends know how much you care right on this thread........Please leave out the Mahnhiem Steamroller songz,lol!!!!!!

I gotta give special shouts to people who care enuff to listen to my rants:

Cary P: YOU are 2 damn kool bro........keep it up in the next year and let all the newbies know your stance!!!!

MOM: You cook for us all year with your love and wisdom.... keep it up!!!

Pyro: Keep the flame alive bro!!!!

Kira: You are my hometown sis........You know how we do it ATL. style!!! Holla babe!!!!!

The Heggy: Heggy, I don't know ya too much bro....but you play my game and for that ya get my holiday wishes...keep the newbies on thier toes!!!!!

Unintentional: you are kool. Holla at a white boy sometime and keep the debate up!!!

*For those I missed.......you are not forgotten.........holla if ya hear me!!!!!!!*


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

AMUSING MOD EDIT: That can be arranged Pyro ;) </span>


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

*Sits in puzzled perplexity as only an Englishman can do*

What are you giving thanks for? You live in America, the world's lunatic asylum... hang on, WE should be thanking YOU. :devil: ;) :lol:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone who lives in the good ?le USofA.

*Nudges Wife and whispers* "They're happy we transported tham over there... oh the irony of it all"

*Wife whispers back* "That was Australia, you Donk"


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

Happy Thanksgiving. In this world of greed, selfishness,war and religious persecution we may feel as though thanks is not due. Here is my list.

First and foremost is my brother, even though I knew him only a year before he joined up I still love him. I thank him for fighting for this countries freedom and to give others the same chance. Raaaah Raaaah, special ops ranger!

I must thank this country, accepting my ancestors as they walked down the pier into a newfound world was the best thing anyone has ever given me and my own. I am thankful that at a whim I can drive to the closest Mc'Donalds and buy a meal fit for a king. I am thankful that I can have the worlds knowledge located down the street from me. I am thankful I can tell my neighbors how I feel and not be burned alive for it. I am thankful to this country The United States of America for taking care of me.

I am thankful that communities like this exist. Allowing me to feel less alone in this world of skeptics. I am thankful that people exist who do not believe me insane.

I am thankful for my new Fiance, She has kept me grounded for longer than she realizes.

I am thankful to my parents who showed me by doing what I should strive not to do.

I am thankful to my neighbors, my countrymen, my friends, lovers and enemies. I am thankful they exist.


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

To the Staff: Hugs to all of you! Without you, this forum would not be what it is today!

Grandma Snow: Miss you, Love you!

My daughters, Kira and Jovial: Thanks for being there for me, I will always be there for you!

My sons, Pyro, Jedi, Heggy, Scifi, Cyber: Thanks for keeping me young! (and on my toes ;) )

CaryP: Look forward to many more days of making your JD and diet coke, and lighting your dominican! Yeeha!

Grayson: My sworded friend, you may not be here in the US, but I'm thankful for you. You keep me sane and allow me to use your sword when a paddle just won't do!

To all my remaining chatroom buddies (I know I'll miss some), Lexx, August, curious, hope we keep having fun and and I'm thankful for you and your wit.

To all members old and new, thank you for joining and contributing to this family/community. You are what makes it great!


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

Sorry to be so late in the day posting something here. Family obligations kept me preoccupied until now. Many thanks to those who've acknowledged my small contribution here. My warmest thanks and gratitude to all of you who make this a very special place to come to.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

My perspective is that we are headed for some very dark days in the not too distant future. Yeah, I know, I know, I'm the consipracy nut job here. Thanks for putting up with me. I hope I am extraordinarily wrong. In the event that I'm not, we need to make every effort to stay connected.

I hope everyone had a very happy and warm holiday today. I'd try to acknowledge everyone, but the list is simply too long, and I'm sure to leave someone important out. Those of you who are my friends, in chat, in PM's, and in posts, I'm sure (or least I hope) that you know who you are, and there are many. I hope and desire that we maintain our relationship and add others to our little group over time. Thank you everyone, who has contributed to what has become the finest (IMO) community on the net to date. Let's keep it that way.

Thanks again, and very happy returns,



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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

Well, you guys cheered me up. I was running around the county dealing with the usual family mayham that accompanys a holoday, and it was really getting to me. Thanks everyone for reminding me that there are so many good people in the world.
My best to all of you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


Happy ThanksGiving My friends

I don't know what I can add to these most eloquent posts, except that I'm thankful for all of you here in this community. You all make my time online worthwhile! >:D<


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Happy ThanksGiving My friends

Thanks sosuemetoo! Happy holidays to everyone!!!
You're a great bunch!