Have not been here in a while...

Have not been here in a while...

Hey Im Kevin, I used to post here a long time ago under Traveler Malaki (I hope to retrieve that username as i forgot the password). I was surprised to see this board come back again, I almost completely forgot about it.

A lot has changed since I first started posting here, I have not done any form of physical time travel since 05, its something I lost interest in and just not really had the chance to do with a busy life with college, work, and trying to write some novels. The memories of my previous time jumps all to the future are fading somehow... However, I would like to get back to it once I get the chance.

I consider myself more Pagan now, I practice using what others call psychic abilities, like astral, remote viewing, telekinesis, etc. I teach some others this too but that is very limited to friends of mine.

I have also noticed that the ability to alter time is extremely rare. I have only noticed it in two of my friends so far, one can do it through the same technique I used, and the other will learn it in the future, as her future self came to me a few times last year. Rest of this I shall post in the Time Travel section.



Re: Have not been here in a while...

Welcome back to the site then :)
It's good to see old members become active once more.

I sent you a PM!

See you later !!