Having strange issues---I think I figured out who I was in a past life

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alpha centauri

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Oh I didnt answer to you.

With all due respect, you don’t even know what you are saying. I don’t even feel the need to defend myself against what you are saying in this post because it literally makes no sense and is a complete misunderstanding or misreading of what I said, aside from one thing.
I dont know if you mean it truthfully or it is just another lie. You still have not admitted that lying is something bad. So I do not know if you lie to me or not.

But it does not matter, if I misread you, because making false accusation and lying to other people is something progressive in your opinion. Did you forget about that? And I will treat you in a way, how you think people should treat each other, because of my great empathy for you :).

You are lucky that I will remind you of that in nearly every conversation we will have, till you understood that you were wrong. Lying is bad and not transparent, how a society should be. Gorbachev meant something similar with the words "Glasnost" and "Perestroika" (Openness and Restructuring). He ended the Cold War.

The reason I say you are mad is because you brought me into this when I had nothing to do with it and made baseless accusations against me, which nobody would do unless they were mad.
You are wrong. I am far from being mad.

I am writing this post in a peace of mind that is astonishing and very relaxing at the same time. The accusation are not that baseless, because you have not enobled your character. You have a lot of negative character traits. So it is not that baseless to assume you could be racist or a lot of other negative things. But I did not say you are racist. I said you are most probably not racist, but it would not surprise me, if you are racist. And I dont think so. That is a strong difference.
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