Hello my name is Francois


THinkharder is my alternate internet name
Hello my name is Francois

For those who dont know who i am , well here it is
My name is Francois , im going to turn 36 years old soon,a little about me,, ive serve the force for more than 3 years , the person who i serve under was a high ranking general and freemason , he had access to some serious secret that i had access too as his personal assistant, this is where i got my of my intel from, also back in 2003 i did my very own time travel experiment base on the Philadelphia experiment and also use some of the hdr technolgy refer to (http://timenomore.tripod.com)
also im an excellent technical engineer and electronic assembler , and welder, as you can see on my brossard experiment redo, also if you wish to see my accomplishement (http://cmc2008.tripod.com/) its my personal website there you can see some of the bike ive build. im into mountain biking you can see my personal page there (http://doctorz.pinkbike.com/) , also im a youtuber (http://www.youtube.com/user/deadz74) i post video on a 4th day basis i post update of my experiment development and also answer question that people ask me , i give answer from what ive did and the test that timenomore did , a little about my caracter and who i am , im very passionate about what i did forever taking for granted what i did as real , even do i still need to proove it scientifically , but i also did for more than 10 years scientific test with my team , test about how time affect human ,i created the Dr Z caracter to relate myself to fictional persona that would suit my alter ego , (like eminem , slimshady)
Francois is a calm and generous person that love to help ask any kid on the mountain bike forum who ever meet me , but Dr z is a lively caracter that wont let anyone bring him down or contredict him , cuz hes been there and done that , i talk to michiu kaku once and ronald mallet, and john hutchison and al bielek and preston nichols and i never saa result along my quest on the internet to find someone who did anything like i did , except the raulm trust team who share with me there secret but until now i never knoe how to interpret there information and how to build it , but now i know so this year i will build once again my time machine base on my realisation and there guidance,
thanks for reading sorry for the punctuation mark i know i miss some ,
hope you understand more who i am now
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thank you
Francois G
as you can see im not afraid to show myself im outhere and real life, so enjoy what i have to offer and be positive about new theories and new ideas sometime it might be the right one you dismiss and you will miss out on a lot of good things by doubting