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A major problem is that even if ISIS is completely wiped out, many of their supporters will still be performing acts of terrorism in the UK..France..Germany..etc etc....We are all now living in an ongoing state of terrorism brought about by psychopathic individuals wanting to exert their own fundamental belief system onto the rest of the world!!..


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I came here from 2046. It's comforting to use one of these computers again. I remember them from when I was a child. Computers 31 years from now are terribly drab. Sorry, I'm getting off topic. My name is Cathrine. Cathrine Faye Johnson, to be exact. I was born in the year 2000, and I am part of the first group in my future to "perfect" time travel. I put that in quotes as we had not worked out how to move forwards in time at the time of me volunteering to use the machine. Since I am stuck here, I may as well tell you the events that occurred up to my departure. I am not sure whether me posting this, or even typing this, will change anything in the future, but I must tell of my timeline.

  • UN places more sanctions on Russia

  • The Islamic State has been nearly defeated, what members remain live in hiding
  • NATO-Russia tensions raise dramatically as Russia annexes eastern Belarus
  • Racial tensions in Southern USA reach breaking point; many battles between the races can be seen
  • Chinese Communist Party's power is fading rapidly
  • Palestine Recognized as a sovereign state by US, UK, France, China, and Russia; It soon after joins the UN
  • Nothing Noteworthy occurs in 2019
  • Eurozone on the brink of collapse
  • Kim Jong Un suffers from an undisclosed disease
  • ISS retired; sunk into Atlantic Ocean
  • Chinese Communist Party loses power; Peoples Republic of China falls; Republic of China gains control and begins environmental repair program
  • US declares martial law in the southern states; Citizens outraged
  • Islam outlawed in US
  • Mexican government on brink of collapse
  • Kim Jong Un dies; His young (5 years old) son, Kim Chun Min, gains power
  • US declares martial law nationwide
  • Second American Civil War begins; 5 factions vie for control of America
  • Eurozone collapses, world economy experiences the worst depression in history
  • Hawaii becomes independent nation
  • Alaska becomes Canadian province
  • Europe in chaos; Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Austria, and Poland blame Greece and declare war
  • Russia invades the Baltics, Kazakhstan, and Georgia
  • Russia declares war on Canada; both sides fear using nuclear weapons and only partake in conventional warfare
  • Several American factions invade southern Canada
  • Civil war erupts in Canada, Russia, India, and Australia
  • Greece falls and is divided up among the European powers
  • North Ireland captured by Ireland
  • Great Barrier Reef in "critical condition"
  • Australian civil war ends; socialist government takes power
  • Canada and Russia sign peace treaty; Russia gains western Alaska
  • Canadian and Russian civil wars end
  • Indian Civil war ends; South India becomes independant
  • American Civil war ends; American Union is formed and consists of 5 Nations: the Pacific Republic, the Republic of New England, True America, Free America, and the Midwest Federation
  • Canada annexes a small portion of Greenland
  • Sahara Desert declared uninhabitable; Much of Africa forms a loose union
  • Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Greenland unite to form the Nordic Federation
  • The Koreas are unified; North Korea rapidly modernizes
  • The New Islamic State (NIS) is forms and gains power almost unopposed as the former world powers cannot spare manpower to stop them
  • The world market has mostly recovered from the depression
  • Mexico crumbles into 3 nations: the Californian Empire, the Republic of Mexico, and South Mexico
  • Latin America unites under the Latin American Federation
  • Southeast Asian Federation Formed
  • South Mexico joins the Latin American Federation
  • Atlantic Union is formed, it's founding states are Ireland, the UK, the RNE, the NF, France, Morocco, Portugal, the LAF, Germany, and Canada
  • The Great Lakes are drained by FA, the MWF, and the RNE
  • The World Space Exploration Association is founded
  • WSEA begins organizing a lunar installation
  • Timestream quantum science laboratory is organized
  • Nothing Noteworthy occurred in 2040
  • Islam becomes largest religion in the world.
  • UN headquarters moved to Japan
  • World Orbital Station (WOS) launched
  • Lunar Installation built; 6 people sent to it to try living in it
  • Chinese Yuan replaces the American Dollar as the "currency of trade"
  • Timestream Labs "perfects" time travel; Begins Human Testing

I have made a map of the world by 2046.
So I'm just curious, who established Timestream Labs? And could you please tell me the names of any of your colleagues? Also, When does Mark Hamill, William Shatner and Elon Musk die? Thanks in advance