Hoax ideas


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Hoax ideas

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, or really if I should, so mods, I submit to your judgement.

I had 2 ideas for hoaxes, which I thought about doing but then decided against.

1. The protagonist is, unbeknown to himself, channeling an astral time traveller from the past or future. (Past could be easier) The astral traveller is here to tell you that it can be done and how. You just have to follow my instructions for a while, a long while. You have been chosen because you are interested in TT and you deserve it if you can do it. It's time (again) for the world to know TT. The reason the traveller can't reply to your post is because the protagonist has to go to work. The protagonist is a huge pot smoker, and the traveller has slowly messed with his brain so that he thinks he is tripping out and has no idea that he is infront of his computer.

2. The protagonist is a computer program from the future. Your primitive carbon based mind cannot understand its motivations. The reason it can't reply quickly to your posts is that it actually is that it fears for your mind. (yeah, on second thought, I don't buy it)

So, whattya think? And have you got any ideas?
Re: Hoax ideas

the only thing i can say against those, because im not too much of a nit-picker, is that pot doesnt cause as much trauma to the brain as people say. mainly, during the time when smoking weed you become somewhat forgetful, but people let themselves go in it thinking they have no control when you have complete control. pot isnt that heavy of a drug. but other than that if u pull the story together, stay consistent, and dont over-do it, you should be fine. although hoaxes are messed up because some people wait on time travelers hand and foot. it may be funny to the person doing it but its not fair to people because it just makes people think that time travelers DON'T exist. if hoaxers continue, we will never believe, and eventually, if not already, when one does really come around, we will not believe and may be screwed over if he/she is here for a very good reason.