How Deal with Physical Affects of Time Travel?

Nov 29, 2004
The best way that I know of, is to gain access to a train yard and get close to an idling locomotive and lay both of your hands onto the biggest people of solid steel on that locomotive. This may work with some forms of time travel, other than a soul split, which you can get by using certain kinds of time travel machines.
About an hour if you can pay someone off.


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Feb 8, 2015
In my opinion the physical and psychological problems of time or dimensional travel would begin by not being within a frequency environment of 432Mhz, which is the frequency of our own earth and universe...I quote the problems that some of the sailors on the upper deck of the ship in the Philadelphia Experiment had such as disappearance, complete mental breakdown, drifting in and out of time and a few bursting into others becoming embedded within the ships upper deck..

All the sailors beneath decks were not affected because "they were protected by the steel on the ship"..Therefore whoever decides on building some form of time-craft will have to address the problems i mentioned, the frequency surrounding the travellers and the steel protection around them..

However, most of those problems i mentioned would be brought about by the massive amount of power being used at the beginning of the time-travelling....The 432Mhz frequency would still be needed to be around the travellers when they leave their craft, because in another dimension that world might not have the same universe frequency which we have..