I tripped over...

Heinrich Hundekok

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Re: I tripped over...

Well, funny idea. I'd definitely go for something more durable than just a piece of paper, though. Something like a metal obelisk with the message carved into it. The alloy should be a good stainless steel or perhaps an alu/titanium alloy, but with so much sulfur, phosporus or other unwanted things in it, that it would never pay off for someone to break it down and recycle it. Then I'd have it placed somewhere really far-off, like a mountain top or a remote island in the arctic or antarctic.

This message would probably have to be carried along for milleniae before the nessecary tech has been developed.



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Re: I tripped over...

I am a patient man, though I don't need to be as I will arrange for them to meet me this November at my 40th Birthday party. How cool is that?