I wanna write a parody song. Wanna help?


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Oct 28, 2011
So this is helna beat by foster the people

Great song , love it, love FTP..... I wanna use the melody and beat from this song to write a parody song.

Im alt right.

Heres what I got so far

(if youre easily offended by off color humor this is you warning to back out now)

Sometimes life takes you by the vag pulls you down before you know its penis now youre trans.

Ive been to safespaces and I wont pretend that id make it out untriggered again.

Wake up strange and check the internet trump is bad CNN spews Russian collusions.

You know I could not believe fake news just turn it off got nothing to lose oh

Yeah yeah and its ok I took a red pill to see through the haze

Yeah yeah and im alt right I liked the meme its ok to be white.

(second verse)
You know those mental health days when you want to choose to not get woke just stay inside and have a smoke...


And that is as far as I have got in the second verse. Not sure where to take it from there....Anyone got any suggestions?

I was thinking of trying to rhyme something with face book flames and being called a cuck but I dont know... ill have to think on it more... Thoughts?