IDs...For my school

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IDs...For my school

Well, we have IDs for our school, and me and my friend, are about ready to shut the schools business of IDs out.

They charge $10. For a piece of plastic, with our picture and name, and birth date on it. The plastic, in no way costs $10, nor everything put together. I figure, i can make an ID for about $2, and still make a profit off the whole shindig.

Now, we needed an Idea, so to speak, to make sure that it ridicules the school system. So, we decided on themed IDs. Just too spite the school system, because they really do not check.

However, heres the bounce, from the land below life. ;)

If we get caught doing so, were suspended no doubt, do not pass go. I need to find a way, too get them too school, make kids pay for them, and too ###### of the school system, when they realize "We shot up the price of IDs from $5-$10, were doing our job.

Also, a part of my plan. Monday (sigh), im going to buy a new ID, i'll still have my old one on board. Tuesday, I walk into my American History class, and snip the ID in half, with scissors. The fun only beings from there on. She'll flip on me, I'll be laughing when I pull out the second ID, and she can't do didlly squat about it!

But, here is where I need your guys' help. I need pictures, for each ID, well, not seperate IDs, but here is some ideas we came up with today.

- Halloween- Jack-o-latern, Ghost, bat, witch.

- Thanksgiving- Turkey, Cornocopia, Pilgrim....

- Christmas- Reindeer, Santa, Elves,

- January- Snowman(Frosty), Jack-Frost.

- Valentine's Day- Cupid, Hearts.

- St. Patricks' Day- Beer

- Easter- Easter Bunny, Eggs(Colored), Donnie Darko Bunny.( :lol: )

- Other- Bush and Kerry, Clinton and Lewinsky (Same ID).

If you guys have any other Ideas, just say em. And I'll give them time, and consideration. :kiss:

Pyro!~!~!~! >:D<


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IDs...For my school

heres the bounce, from the land below life

ROFLMAO! I'm not really sure what this means, but I was instantly laughing my head off. To be 16 again, only knowing what I know now... But then again, those of you over 40 are probably the only ones who can appreciate what I'm saying.

Anyway Pyro, you have a radical idea here. Yes, you will get in trouble with the authorities when caught. Pay attention to what I just said "when" not "if" you get caught. Do you realize that the consequences for your counterfit badges could be far greater than you currently assume? I'm not trying to poor cold water on your idea because it sounds hilarious. I'd make sure there aren't more serious consequences than a suspension involved before I got immersed in this project. My next question: Won't your parents punish you severely for getting suspended? I would have been in major trouble for a long time if I had ever brought that on myself. Just my thoughts.

Here's some characters for your fake badges.

Marvel Comics (Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Thor, Daredevil, X Men...there's tons)

DC comics characters (Superman, Batman, Aqua Man, the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman... more tons)

Warner Bros. cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn... again tons)

Disney cartoon characters. You got to know these if you grew up in America.

The "gay" boy bands of years past. I'd list 'em, but I'd be embarassed to acknowledge that I know some of the names.

Just about any celebrity; actors, musicians, professional atheletes, politicians, network personalities, artists, almost unlimited. I'd buy several ID's from you with the right pictures on it, and I'd want the correct celebrity's name on it. You know make an ID badge with John Lennon's picture, name, birth day, etc. and wear it like that. If they never check so what. It would have been cool when I was in high school.

Famous people from the past. Take your pick. I'd definitely buy one with Robert E. Lee's picture and his accurate personal data on it.

The thing you might be able to do if you know enough kids from other schools is to make badges for their school, using the same concepts. This could really take off, so make sure you can handle the volume before you commit. If you get creative enough, you might turn this into a big money maker - if you don't get shut down too early.

Why don't you have one for Mardi Gras? There's a ton of stuff you could do with that. I could get you some Mardi Gras beads and other stuff they throw from the parades ahead of time.

You could do a different badge for each day of the week. Have a Monday through Friday set with Monday having a really miserable or mad face on it, progressively getting happier until Friday, when the face would be ecstatic. You could even have expressions for each day. "$#%&@" or something negative for Monday, "Humpin' It" for Wednesday (hump day), and "Yeeha!" for Friday. Yeah, I know these probably sound lame to you, but just trying to give you an idea on words for different days of the week. Negative for Monday, getting progressively better with the pictures to Friday.

You could also do different themes for each month. You could also do different themes for each quarter or whatever system your school operates on. You could also seperate them by grade level. Each class would have some distinguishing mark to know what grade level the badge was made for. You could do different badges for different sports your school participates in. The cliques and the gangs should love the customized badges. Radical conformity to "be different" is a strong adolescent tendancy.

You could wind up selling multiple sets of these badges once it catches on. But that will be your downfall. Just as it takes off is probably when you'll get a call from the principal's office, the school board or the District Attorney.

Just a quick flow of ideas Pyro. Hope this helps.



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IDs...For my school

hehe, ofcourse Cary, i figure i'll get caught.

What are they going to do though, shut down my shop? I'll just sell them off school grounds, then what?

I guess, they don't want kids too buy a second ID, thats why they shot up the price, but if they're inflicting consequences for not wearing your ID, and you lose your ID, and your on your 6th time, Suspension for 3 days.

They're anal on just about everything. But I do realize where your saying they could sue me, for stealing their profits, however, thats capitalism. I'm just applying knowledge I learned from school, to make a few bucks. :D