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Hi all. You probably don't remember me because I am new here. Thanks for welcoming me Numenorean! I happened upon this place because I have recently taken much interest in time travel. I read the Time Travel forum and they went completely off-topic most of the time so I had to stop reading. There was a chat at one point about time travel which I found. In that chat, there was a user called ToxicRevival who spoke about some abilities and it interested me greatly. I am very interested in time travel and he seemed as though he'd had the ability to do so. Forgive me if I seem stupid here seeing as the site is called "Paranormalis" but do people here actually have special abilities? Will I be kicked out because I don't or haven't yet found them? Ha! I can't believe I'm saying this! I'm completely in awe, I love this place!
Welcome to the site! I'm glad you like the place :)

The only thing you need on Paranormalis, is an interest for paranormal topics! No abilities required ;) I don't have any special abilities myself so you get the idea. Just sit back, relax and discuss with fellow members about "weird things".

I definitely hear you when you say many time travel threads went off-topic. This used to be a problem here back then, it's no longer an issue now. I can't do much for old topics, but I can make sure the present threads don't get turned into total jokes. If you happen to see something you dislike or judge inappropriate that I missed, just use this little report link under the post, or send me a Personal Message to let me know about it.

We're likely going to host a time travel chat event, perhaps next week, I'll let you know about it for sure. I look forward to discuss time travel with you! I'm glad you enjoy the forum!

See you on the boards :)

PS: I created a thread out of your post!