internal time consciounsess on my street goes on pause...


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internal time consciounsess on my street goes on pause...

Most people are familiar with flucuating internal time consciounsess. For me, Mondays almost without exception speed by without my being able to keep track of them. Then Fridays are usually slow and draggy. THis is most likely the result of my habits altering the amount of times that I check the time, and probably some other things. Anyway, sometimes stuff happens that I can't explain and one day... on my street, the internal time consciousness of a friend of mine and I went on collective pause while the day plodded along. Here... is my story:

My friend and I worked at the same restaurant which was about a 10 minute walk down the street. Both of us had still been adjusting to a morning schedule. Anyway I was eating breakfast one morning at about 8:30, and I had to be to work at 9:00. I had just set down to eat my corn pops, and between bites, I got temporarily lost in thought and sat there for a minute or two.
That's what I thought anyway. Actually when I looked at the clock, expecting it to be 8:32, or 8:35 at the very most, I discovered that it was almost 9:00. I was pretty startled, but I shrugged it off thinking that perhaps I was just lost in thought - but there was still the sense that time had just zapped forward without me really being aware of it.

Anyway, the friend of mine who worked at the same restaurant as I do also lived across the street at the time. When I hurried to work, I noticed that he was a about 20 meters ahead of me in the very same hurry. I made a mental note of it, and did not try to catch up to him.

Anyway we both started our shift, and probably about an hour or two into it, my friend launched into a story of the same experience that I had had. He had been eating breakfast and stopped for a minute or two, and when he looked back at the time, way more time had elapsed than he had thought. That's why he - also - was running late.

Normally I would have shrugged my own experience off entirely, I very likely wouldn't even be able to recall eating that particular breakfast at all because I would have no reason to think of it again. But it struck both of us as pretty odd that the same thing would have happened at that specific time. Anyway, makes me wonder. This was roughly 8 months ago did anyone else go on pause?



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Re: internal time consciounsess on my street goes on pause...

Eight monthes ago (in august), I wasn't as aware of the weird things that can happen to the mind as I am now. I may have had a pause then, as I do tend to think and daydream a lot. But if so I don't remember it.

However, your experience does remind me of a recent event that I find rather unusual. I think it may have been a "pause" too. At school around a week ago a teacher was giving specific directions on what to do for a poem due a couple of days later. My conscious acted normally at the beginning of the directions. Later I begin to feel a bit day-dreamy (because I think alot), but still managed to listen to the continuation of the directions. During the "pause", everything seemed normal. Later, once we were prompted to begin it for the remains of class, my concious got normal. I realized that I almost forgot what had just happened during the directions. It was like a pause from when the directions began, to when the working began. I wondered whether certain events really happened or not (like the question I asked involving the directions). After some thought, I managed to take out what happened during it. I am usually very good at hearing directions. The pause was around a 10-30 time. Not sure exactly. As far as I know, I was the only person who had a "pause" like event in the classroom then.

The unique part of your experience (you and your friend having a pause together) is definitly a mystery to me. How can such events be connected? I think people on this forum with more knowledge about meditation will be able to come up with a more definitive asnwer.