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No problem. Thanks for the heads up. I wouldn't doubt if it wasn't the lettherebelight guy. Maybe we should check the IP. I think I really pissed him off when I got on to him on the thread. He sounds like a weirdo. Hehe

Here is what it says about the IP

OrgName: Road Runner
Address: 13241 Woodland Park Road
City: Herndon
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20171
Country: US

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Holy crap, you can get his actual address? How'd you do that? I'm only able to get the general area where they live...

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Did you guys unregister him? I can't find his name in the member page. Wouldn't it be freaky (like the fax he sent Art Bell) if one minute he was registered and a week later gone? hehehe
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I had put him on a frustrating leash before I checked to see what his status was. He couldn't verify his email address. It just shows up as ***@***.com.
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well, if and when he verifies or shows up, Pamela always uses her "secret song" as the test to keep hoaxers at bay. She's been posting alot lately in the JT thread. I wish it would attract some of the real life participants in the jt saga. My intuition is that any idiot who actually has johntitor as his username, is some newbie whose read about a day and a half of the jt saga and is somewhat fantasy-prone looking for a little attention.