JT and Steven Rado

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JT and Steven Rado

If JT takes Steven Rado seriously (other than for his military exploits) then I'm thrilled, since I take Steven Rado seriously! I bought his book! (That was me). I created the following website many years ago, and have a link to Steven Rado's page in it since his ideas "dovetail" with mine (in some areas, most notably the idea that a magnet is an "ether fan." All particles are "little magnets" and, as such, would be "little fans."

My weird science page:


But, I disagree with Rado's notion about gravity-- it's not an ether vortex, silly! It's the result of etherial turbulence which has the same net effect as low etherial density, leading to a "lingering" of particles (little fans) in areas where other particles are "stirring up" the ether. And if they linger, that's time dilation and PRESTO! General Relativity! :D

Clever, eh?:blush:

(For Reference---The thread where Titor and Rado are co-habitating)


P.S. My website is supposed to be fiction! It's not a hoax! It's fiction!


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JT and Steven Rado

Hi dancho, your weird science page is cool, and the hikikomori article you elsewhere reference is sadly sane, but pretty interesting too. ("!")