Multiple Personalitiy Disorder from Multiple Worlds?


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Multiple Personalitiy Disorder from Multiple Worlds?

Orthodox medicine uses the one-world paradigm to explain how a person can manifest more than one personality in one mind. But what if the person has an ability, or a DISabiltiy, to access people from other parallel worlds? What if people from other worlds are able to inhabit, in effect posess this type of person? What unique condition causes this effect?

A psychologist who I mentioned recently in another post, Dr. Edith Fiore, found that in 30 years of studying mental illness cases, the majority of cases that she identified as spirit posession had a history of severe stress, drug abuse, or illness. This weakened the aura enough to allow other entities to occupy them so they could continue to feed their own destructive habits in someone else's body. People who have weakened their auras at some point in their lives and have paranormal experiences may be feeling the effects of another entity in their lives.
Once I had to work all night and thru most the next day. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Late in the day I had an opportunity to catch some sleep and the whole time I was asleep, I "dreamt" that a two story house with no windows came down over me. It had only a front door. A huge muscular man stood in front of the door, guarding it apparently while I slept. He was probably 7'-8' tall. I sensed that his only purpose was to guard me and was very confident and capable. And the beautiful thing about it was that he was enthusiastic about doing it! Nothing was getting by him. Nothing. I think this may have been protection for my aura while I rested and regained my strength. I have also had at least two "dreams" where I saw someone bending over me while I was sleeping, making small talk, then suddenly rushing me as if to get inside me. The crashing attempt would wake me each time and startle me but I believe it was an attempt to get inside me possibly to posess me. I distinctly remember one who was a woman. She was so nice while she talked to me, but when the attempt to get inside me failed, she was very angry and frustrated.
It would be foolish to presume that these entities that we may purposely or inadvertantly invite into our lives are benevolent "Guides"; it may very well be malevolent and be using YOU for it's purposes. These entities could be anyone: disincarnate spirits, entities that have an ability to cross over into parallel worlds. Who knows. It's your life to live, not their's for them to live.


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Re: Multiple Personalitiy Disorder from Multiple Worlds?

Great sight Denbo!, betwee you and Darkbreed, mores the company. The Aura is our shield, you got that right.
Ever sit in a bar late at night and watch the 'power drinkers' when they go on automatic? when you look at them you just know that 'nobodys' home and their are others enjoying the booze and cigarett smoking. Take a drink, glass goes down, swallow, take a puff, exhale, smile and nod,glass goes up, take a drink, swallow, take a puff, exhale, smile and nod, glass goes up........
It's fun to watch the struggle 'they' go through trying to arouse the 'Driver' to the point that he can order another drink and light another smoke.

Some times just the visualization of spinning white light like a cocoon will fill in those rifts.
I have heard that maryjane has the ability to turn the Aura into visual twin of Swiss Cheese. Which may be somewhat harder to fill in.