Music to Travel and Party by


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Music to Travel and Party by

I'm having a time travel party, the kind where everyone has to come dressed as a time traveler from the past or future, and my house is decorated like something out of Logan's Run and I need help coming up with a good soundtrack for it.

I need a couple of hours worth of songs about the future or time travel. They don't all have to be "the time warp" just stuff that envokes the right mood.

So any suggestions?

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Here's a few off the top of my head.

"Hello Goodbye" The Beatles (listen to the words. It works in the context)

"Back in Time" Huey Lewis and the News (Yeah, I know it's from BTF, but WTF)

"Yesterday" The Beatles (kinda obvious, but I'm a Beatles fan)

"For Those About to Rock.." AC/DC (A TT would definitely rock)

"Don't You Go Away Mad" Glen Miller orchestra (Yeah, it's old, but we are talking about time here, aren't we?)

"Magic Bus" The Who (any TT machine would definitely qualify)

About all I can think of on Easter Sunday night, but I'll be back with more. Just getting warmed up, but my genres are limited. Don't expect any gospel or rap. Not my style.


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The one from the rocky horror show - "Lets do the timewarp again"

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What is it with you people and the Beatles?

I was actually thinking more along the lines of:
In the year 2525 - by ?
On no I'm cloned - Jeffie Genetic
Planet Claire - B52's
Space Travel is Lonely - Modest Mouse
At this Time - Pat Benatar
I Miss You - Bjork
Anything by the Polysics
Devo, Squeeze, David Bowie

On another note I also need slogan's of things you need to know about the future.
You know like:
Soylent Green is People!
There is no Sancutary.
Damn dirty apes.

Any suggestions?
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in the year 2525 by Zager & Evans...

Slogan: Everything You Know Is Wrong

If We Hurry, We Can Still Be Late

Time's Fun When Youre Having Flys
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The Beatles' music "transcends time" LOL Sorry for the pun.

Great stuff there StarLord. LMAO

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Time Is On My Side (Esp. when I go twice a year to Sweden to get my blood purified) -The Stones

Pappy Podunk's Old Timey Songs

Rockin the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's -Time Life Records (I owe you How Much for Shipping & Handling??????)

Time In A Bottle - Jim Crocce