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My dreams

I have not had my dreams interpreted before. And I'm not trying to do it now, lol I have read before that dreams mat be glimpses into alternate realities, parallel timelines, or whatever you choose to call them. I was thinking about that and decided there may be some credence to it. It could be that we are seeing "ourselves" living daily times. Or that all of our different selves are somehow connected on a psychic or spiritual level. (Which can lead into other possibilities. Consider the movie The One starring Jet Li.) I'm not saying all dreams are like this. Let's face it, if all of our dreams are our alternate realities, well... lol

There are a few things that have led me to believe this. First of all; How many dreams have you had where you didn't know any, many or all of the people in your dream? How about places? Ever dream about places you've never been? And I'm not talking some small 17th century Irish village (I believe this type would fall more under past life memories.). I'm talking modern places. I often have dreams of myself interacting with friends I don't know. At times, I see myself from outside. And others, I am participating. Still others have me moving back and forth between watching and participating. It seems to me that the more emotional the dream, the more involved I am. I also often interfere with what the other me is doing if I see a real problem brewing.

I want to add here that I have never had a nightmare. I have only had two dreams that even come close. One was a dream about two months ago. In it, one of my twins possibly dies. I was in a strange place (To Me.) with friends I don't know. The son of my friend came running up screaming and crying that he thought my son was dead because he had fallen and was turning blue. I took off running and woke up. In this dream, I was actually a part of the dream. In the other, an ex-fiance died in my arms. She was an ex at the time and had been for several years so this one didn't really bother me. It was quite a while back so all I remember is that she had been stabbed and died. That's it. No other nightmares to report. The closest I have ever come to a monster type nightmare was a recurring dream from my childhood. In it, I am living in Key West, Florida (I was born there in "real life".) and there was a flood. I was standing on a block wall at a house we used to live in. (In reality, the wall is only two or three blocks high but in the dream it was the only thing still above water.) While I am standing on the wall, a being that could best be described as the creature from the Black Lagoon comes up out of the water and looks at me. I can't remember what I say to it, but I procede to climb on it's back and have it give me a ride so I can see how bad things are. (Actually, I have had quite a few dreams about terrible storms hitting and flooding/ destroying that area.) And that's it. The only one that bothered me at all was the one about my son. Why don't I have nnightmares? I don't have a clue. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

My dreams that I feel are glimpses into other realities tend to be quite different from my standard dream. For starters, they are much more vivid and detailed. All of my senses are stimulated in them also. These dreams are more like real life or even movies than they are dreams. They are usually quite long also. All of the differences make me believe these dreams are different realities. Not the differences in themselves but that these dreams always include ALL of them. Strange places. Strangers for friends. All senses are used. Long, realistic and movie like. In other words, lucid dreams. Except that I can't manipulate my surroundings. Only myself in realistic ways. I can't fly or do crazy things like that. I'll give you a few examples. That way, if any of you happen to have a reality traveling dream, you might think to check a few things for me. ;)

One dream, my favorite and possibly yours too, involves my driving a Harley. I have six bikers with me. No, not on my bike. They have their own. lol we pull into a remote place where we have a dirt pile for cover. As I ease up and peek over the top, I see exactly what "I" was expecting. The Prez and his pet Dick up on a stage giving a speech. The stage is down in a quarry of some type (I remember the soil was a kind of yellowish tan color. The stage was set up at the bottom of a relatively short cliff where the earth had been dug out of a hill and there were trees on top). My mission? You guessed it. Take out the two of them. I don't know who sent us there, but they had the right idea. ;) Except for the bikers. They backed out at the last second and I had to go it alone. They just watched. In retrospect, they might have been there just to make me the next Oswald...X-( I did the deed and woke up. How many people get to live out a great event like that?! lol (Not that I would mind you...)

I was a hitman in a second dream except in this one, I didn't want to be. I was not participating in this dream. I was an observer, but I could still feel the sadness he/I felt. I was being forced into this position. I remember sitting in a diner and there was someone in there that remended me of a loved one and it made me sad. I think there was some kind of martial law oppressed society issue going on and that was why I was a sniper. I left the diner and someone met me out front in a Dodge Custom Van. We were on our way to hit someone. No, it wasn't the That was the other reality. I actually looked a little different in this one. Judging by the emotions the dream me was feeling, he had a right to look different. Yes, I was watching from outside of his body, but I still had the same emotional tie. That's all I remember of this dream.

Well there ya go. A sort of theory about some dreams and a few examples. Any thoughts?


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You could be having a precognative dream but it's not really you. It could be you but looking through someone elses eyes. Too bad you can't make a conscious effort before you go to sleep to remind yourself it's a dream and find a place to look into a mirror. It would be really interesting to see who's face would be looking back at you.