My nephew's Possible OBIE


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My nephew's Possible OBIE

Yesterday our family got together, mainly to look over old photos and personal effects of an aunt who recently passed away. One was a video that she had made about 12 years ago. While watching it, my 13 year old nephew came over to me and started to tell me about a dream that he had one week before my aunt passed away from cancer.

He dreamt that he stood by the bedside of a woman laying on her left side. She opened her eyes suddenly and stared at him for a moment, then closed her eyes again. Then the dream ended. He said that the person looked like my aunt in the video but she was real skinny in the dream. I mentioned my nephew's dream to my mother later when we were alone and she thought that it was interesting that Brian, my nephew, had mentioned that she was seen laying on her left side. She had been with her during her last weeks and said that her sister had spent most of her time on her left side and could not lie on her right because it caused her pain. In her last days, she was down to 85 lbs, which would be consistent with my nephew's dream where he saw her much skinnier.
It would seem that he had visited her bedside the week before she passed away during an out-of-body experience.


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Re: My nephew's Possible OBIE


I personally would not say that it was an out of body experience though. It sounds like a psychic connection was made between the two during his sleeping. I've had drteams like that. When you sleep there aren't as many mental barriers up so a psychic connection is more likely for the unexperienced and quite common. It sounds like your nephew is a touch psionic.