New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

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Re: New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

Wait a min, maybe he was french and devised this slow insidious way of bringing down McDonalds. Perhaps this is France's way of getting back at us for unleashing fastfood Hamburgers and Catsup (the most horrible condiment known to the world gastrominique) upon them. Don't forget they call it Mc Merde over there if I am not mistaken..


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Re: New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

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Is CJD hereditary? My dad's side of the family has been ravaged by Alzheimer's for quite some time, and it would blow my mind if CJD was really responsible all this time. And anyone who's read \"Fast Food Nation\" knows that it doesn't matter what mcdonalds was doing 10-20 years ago, because right now it would be pretty hard to do worse. I am constantly disgusted by the \"chicken selects' and other pathetic attempts by McDonalds and other chains to make healthier food. Ya it might say less carbs on the package, but that don't mean it wasn't made from the same, ****ty meat. The connection between Titor and mad cow that really freaks me out isn't necessarily that he was right about the 'prions', but that it was one of his primary 'predictions' and has been so prominent in the world news lately. If I were a kid right now, mad cow's disease would scare the **** out of me. It has been a major theme in our media currently, and so seems like something a real time traveller would remember being pretty important right now.[/b]

Sorry for the late response sinister, but I found this on your question about heredity and CJD. Yes is the short answer, you can inherit it.

? How is CJD Acquired?

? ? ?There are three known ways to acquire CJD.

? ?
  • Ingestion
  • Iatrogenic route (HGH injections, brain surgery or electrode implant)
  • Heredity
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)
? ? Random cases of CJD occur due to unknown causes. ?


CWD, chronic wasting disease, something I hadn't heard of before the article I posted can be read about in more detail in the article below.

? However, the Colorado Department of Public Health and ?Environment ?and the DOW advise hunters to take simple precautions ?(as listed BELOW) when handling deer or elk carcasses in units where CWD ?is known to occur. If you have ?questions about the precautions, or CWD and public health, contact CDPHE at ?(303) 692-2700. ?

As far as Alzheimer's and prions, there's some controversy about that. Here's one link, but you might want to do some research on google to satisfy your own curiousity. My guess is prions have something to do with Alzheimer's, but "they" don't want us to know that, until it becomes obvious.
'Epidemic' of Alzheimer's blamed on hamburger: Critics dispute ground beef main source of prions
April 11, 2004
The Edmonton Journal
Jim Farrell
EDMONTON -- A major Canadian publisher is, according to this story, about to add to the woes of the beef industry by marketing a book which blames hamburgers for an \"epidemic of Alzheimer's disease.\"
Dr. Murray Waldman, a coroner with the City of Toronto and co-author of the McClelland and Stewart book which will hit stores in the next two weeks, was cited as claiming that hamburger is the main source of prions which trigger the dreaded dementia among the aged.
Dr. David Westaway of the University of Toronto, Canada's leading expert on prions, was cited as saying Waldman doesn't know what he is talking about because Alzheimer's isn't a prion disease, and experiments have shown it isn't transmissible, adding, \"This guy is a little bit out there. He doesn't quite understand chains of logical thought.\"
Epidemiologist Dr. Hugh Hendrie of the University of Indiana, whose studies are quoted in Waldman's Dying for a Hamburger: Modern meat processing and the epidemic of Alzheimer's disease, was cited as saying that Waldman and co-author Marjorie Lamb have misinterpreted his findings, adding, \"There's no evidence of Alzheimer's being a prion-caused disease. Pathologically, Alzheimer's and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease don't look the same at all.\"

The good news is, if you get any of the above, at some point you won't know and you won't care. I'd take myself out before that happened.


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Re: New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

Well, it looks like JT's prediction about BSE is still on track.
article found<a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'> here</a>

'Mad cow' victim in Holland

Holland has a first human case of \"mad cow\" disease, its interior ministry has confirmed.

The ministry was quick to quell fears that Dutch beef was unsafe for human consumption, saying all cows were tested before slaughter.

\"Beef in the Netherlands is safe because all susceptible cattle are tested for BSE at slaughter,\" the government said.

But a patient at a hospital in Utrecht - thought to be a 26-year-old woman by the press - was diagnosed with the human form of the fatal brain-wasting disease, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

It is estimated 150 people have fallen sick with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) across the planet, most of them in Britain.

More than seventy-seven Dutch cows have been infected with BSE in the Netherlands since 1997.

Cases have been found also in European countries France, Ireland, Italy as well as Japan, Canada and the US.

Health inspectors are to probe whether others could have been infected.

? 1998-2005 DeHavilland Information Services plc. ?All rights reserved.


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Re: New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

One point though, they don't say wether that person ever traveled abroad and ate a hamburger or beef in some other country does it? I don't think this has been covered yet has it? When we see 'cases' pop up in foreign countries, and we know that there is a incubation period, the Very First questions I would ask is, where have you traveled in the last 10 to 15 years? 97 to 05 is just 8 years...


Re: New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

The Mad Cow scare isn't that big yet. If it was zoo would start to pull there goats, horses and sheep. or restrict contact with them. Until they begin to do that I'll be all good



Re: New Mad Cow scare in US announced today

:LOL:R....Just don't drink the water. hehe

Starlord....Remember, AIDS can be dormat for what...10 years? This could be the same. Who know's what we are all carrying around. We probably have colonies living in us just from the air.