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Hi there peeps!:grin:

I signed up as a member only yesterday and have been viewing the threads about the TT's and of course the fake TT's.

As with the JT story, he kept up a pretty good front to lay claims to what will be happening in the future (I'm not saying he is a fake or anything like that - just expressing my opinion on the matter), but what concerned me is that the majority of the TT's centred their "predictions" in and around the US. What about the rest of the world? There was one mention that China will invade Australia but I really can't see that happening (I am from Australia hence the reason for my query).

Also what cracks me up is that the time period that they are from, e.g 2036 mentions nothing about any other technological advances other than time travel. I have not read anything about us humans inhabiting other planets within our or other solar systems for example. Unless I am mistaken and it is listed in another thread that I have not read yet?

Apart from that, this forum is excellent and the responses are great.

Keep up the good work!!!!

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Welcome to the plantation PSY101. The Aussies are coming! Great to have more of you and your countrymen here. There are a number of Australians already here. Have fun while you're here.

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Welcome Psy101 , we're glad you're here and we hope you enjoy our community!

Meet us in Live Chat sometime and get to know your fellow members!