New science: zero point energy and time travel


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New science: zero point energy and time travel

The ether (which is essentially the fabric of empty space that is saturated with vacuum energy or zero point energy) may play a key role in time travel. If One can somehow tap the zero point energy by manipulating electromagnetic waves, then one can warp time and space. There are numerous devices made by zero point energy advocates, such as the Moray free energy devices, Searl discs, and magnetrons which seem to be able to harness the ZPE. I would be interested to hear comments about these technologies that could potentially manipulate time and space.

I also came across this story on Keelynet about a guy who built a short-wave radio that sent him back in time,
Some of the claims seem outrageous and unlikely, but there might be some truth to the story because the writer of this claim says that his SW radio worked like a magnetron, thus possibly tapping zero point energy which could acquire the massive amounts of energy needed to warp space-time.

There is also lots of research going on around the net. Check out to read about the work on alternative energy (ZPE) being done by Russian researchers and technicians. They also have an interesting claim (dubious perhaps) about building a device that can manipulate local spacetime to a small degree (see

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Re: New science: zero point energy and time travel

Woah, that's an amazing story that guy has. I wish he hadn't ripped out the aerial though...