North Carolina Woman Claims ‘Werewolf’ Sighting

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Apr 20, 2011
WINSTON-SALEM. N.C., — A woman in North Carolina says she saw a creature that looked like a “werewolf”.

26-year-old T. I. told Cryptozoology News on Thursday that she was driving her son to her mother’s house when she encountered the creature in 2017.

“There are a lot of woods there. I was about to get out of the car,” she said. “Looking to the right, I saw what looked like a wolf, but much taller and white or yellowish eyes.”

The unusual canine, she adds, howled when the eyewitness got out of the car.

“I grabbed my son and ran to my mother’s door. As I looked back, the animal seemed gone but while knocking on the door, I looked back again and I noticed something black running away. I can tell he was mad.”

The woman described the animal as a 6-foot-tall black “werewolf” with white and yellow eyes and claims that it stood there for about three minutes.

The Dogman is a cryptid reputed to live in the northwestern quadrant of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, although other sightings have been documented in other states, such as Wisconsin. This unproven creature was first reportedly spotted in 1887 by two lumberjacks, who described it as having a human body and a dog’s head.

Last year, a woman in Michigan claimed to have seen a human-like wolf.

In the fall of 2016, a Canadian Businessman told Cryptozoology News he had spotted a creature that looked like wolf walking upright while driving through Wisconsin.

7 months earlier, a 13-year-old in Muskego, Wisconsin, allegedly had an encounter with a similar creature.

In 2015, a group of three people in Michigan reportedly came across an unidentified dog-like creature in the woods of St. Clair County.

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Jan 26, 2018
Of course it was a werewolf. It's never a dog, a wolf or just another furry creature. It's always some shot-in-the-dark mythical creature that likely doesn't even exist. People have mostly boring lives and have a firm, strong, dire need to believe in something.. ANYTHING.. so, this is how they get their outlet.

They want to believe in something strange (or something cursed) so bad that they will personally either do hoaxes or delude themselves beyond comprehension to get it.

It had yellow eyes and was big... could've been a gigantic cat.

It's never that though, always a fuckin' werewolf.

It's never just a white guy who is a loner, he must be a vampire.

It's never an airplane or satellite, must be a U_F_O