On have I time traveled, what is obligatory?

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To those who have asked, the way you're supposed to answer a query, " if you've time traveled ", is this.

Advice here, because you don't want a time felon calculating on your time travel entries. Is that when someone ask you have you time traveled at all on a public access time travel oriented posting board, all you the person who has possibly or not possibly time traveled should answer is in one of three ratings.

This is category 1. Some interest in time travel, but I could be looking at this event all as a muse or lite topic of interest.

2.Or I'm second level of interest here. I once had seen something really weird occur in a parking lot, on the way to work. I mean like they were there one second and it seemed as if they blipped out, or something. So you might be slightly more curious about the issue, but still not certain.

And there's 3. This is a person that maybe has used a time travel device. Or, has suffered a time travel incident through no fault of their own and can or can't figure it out. Or a semi-professional that is extremely adept in time travel practice or time travel nomenclature. In other words category three people are not only a novice. They have been places and done things that we can only imagine.

*All you are required, if this conversation is in the trade of ideas and social parlance, a first, second or third level time travel aficionado, involve-ee. Remember, due to pirated jump concerns, you don't have to give more information than your level of interest. This might be due to high-jacking dangers and I mean this sincerely.

Oops, gee willikers, also note that in some instances, time travel inflicted upon a person, can be emotionally a scarring event. So if one does not believe that the person in question did time travel, it's best to let up on the reigns a bit, rather than completely rear the horse and have it come back over top of you. Know that some instances of unwanted time travel can be extremely traumatic on an individual, okay?