One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I mentioned this film in a thread I made months ago, when I had not yet seen it, but had heard much about it. Having finally seen it, I thought I'd create a proper thread about it. For those that have never seen it, but are reading this thread, it's about a guy called Randle P. McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson) who has committed some small-time offences, and gets himself put into the local psychiatric hospital, as he believes it will be better than being in a jail. He immediately clashes with the horrible Nurse Ratched, and aims to brighten up the lives of the other patients by taking them out and giving them a good time - which Nurse Ratched doesn't want him to do.

First off, I thought it was a great film. Jack Nicholson was great, Louise Fletcher was great, Brad Dourif was great, and so were all the other actors. Christopher Lloyd is my favourite actor, so it was nice to see him as the patient "Taber."

Anyway, my favourite scenes are:

1: The scene where Nurse Ratched has just denied the patients their chance to watch the World Series, so McMurphy pretends it's on the TV, and starts doing the commentary to the blank TV screen. Soon the other patients are yelling and cheering at the TV screen with him.

2: The basketball game scene.

3: The scene where McMurphy takes the patients onto the bus and drives away from the hospital, and then all those great fishing scenes - where Cheswick leaves the tiller and the others are trying to get it under control - and then Taber yells "FISH!"

4: The scene where the patients, McMurphy and night watchman Turkle are hiding in Turkle's office from the supervisor.

5: The party scenes, particularly the bits with Candy and Billy dancing together, and Candy's friend dancing with Martini.

6: The last twenty minutes or so of the movie, with poor Billy begging Nurse Ratched not to tell his mother about him sleeping with Candy, and then committing suicide because he realises that she's going to, and then the was a great ending. Terribly sad, but great. I tend to cry a bit when I watch that.